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Beard Myths: 5 Myths About Growing Beards

Beard Myths: 5 Myths About Growing Beards

In the digital age, myths spread faster than wild beard hairs, especially when it comes to beard care. At The Beard Club, we're on a mission to trim down these myths and spread the real deal about beard grooming.

We get it — in the forest of facial hair information, it's easy to lose your way. That's why we're here, guiding you through the thicket of tall tales to the truth. 

Let’s debunk these myths with a blend of facts and our beard grooming expertise, ensuring every Beard Club member is armed with the knowledge to grow their best beard yet.

MYTH #1: Shaving Makes Your Beard Grow Back Thicker

man with black beard

It's a story told in barbershops and bathrooms around the world: shave your beard, and it'll return thicker and fuller than ever before. It's a tempting thought, especially for those dreaming of a dense, robust beard. So, does shaving make hair grow faster?

Busting the Myth

Sorry to break it to you, but this is pure fiction. When you shave, the hair grows back with a blunt tip. This fresh stubble might appear darker or coarser, but it's an optical illusion. Your hair's thickness and growth rate are determined by genetics and health, not by how often you shave. Think about it: if shaving influenced facial hair growth, wouldn’t barbers be out of business?

The Beard Club Insight

A good beard doesn't come from a razor; it comes from consistent care. Using products like our Cedar Beard Oil can help nourish your facial hair, making it appear healthier and fuller over time. 

Let’s not forget about a good wash routine, either. Our 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner is perfect for keeping those hair follicles clean and happy. In the world of beards, patience and care trump the razor every time.

MYTH #2: Patchy Beards Will Never Fill In

bearded man by the beach

Many believe if your beard is patchy in the early stages, it's destined to remain an incomplete jigsaw puzzle of facial hair. This myth leaves many aspiring beardsmen feeling discouraged, thinking their beard goals are unattainable.

Busting the Myth

Here's some uplifting news — this myth doesn't hold water. Beard growth varies among individuals, and those patchy areas can fill in over time. Age, health, and nutrition all play significant roles in hair growth. Plus, some areas of facial hair simply take longer to develop fully.

The Beard Club Insight

If you're dealing with patchiness, don’t lose hope. We’ve got some insight into how to fix a patchy beard. Consider giving your beard a helping hand with our Beard Growth Vitamins. This nifty supplement contains biotin and other natural ingredients that can invigorate those stubborn spots. 

Remember, a patchy beard in your 20s can turn into a full beard in your 30s. Consistent grooming, using the right beard products, and caring for your overall health can lead to significant improvements. And while you're at it, keep those hairs in check and well-groomed with a quality beard comb or beard brush — it's all about giving your beard the best chance to flourish.

MYTH #3: Beards Make You Feel Hotter in Summer

Man with beard thinking with eyes closed

A common belief is that sporting a beard in the summer is like wearing a woolen scarf in the sun — it'll turn up the heat and leave you sweltering. This makes some guys reach for the razor as the temperature rises, fearing an unbearable summer with their beards.

Busting the Myth

Contrary to this hot-headed belief, beards can actually be quite cool — and not just in style. Your beard can serve as a natural sunshade, protecting your face from harsh UV rays and reducing the risk of sunburn. 

And while it’s true that beards keep you warmer in the winter, that doesn’t exactly apply in the summer. A well-kept beard may help in cooling the skin. When sweat evaporates from your beard, it creates a cooling effect, much like a mini air-conditioner for your face.

The Beard Club Insight

Don’t let the summer sun dictate your beard style. Keep your summer beard well-trimmed and tidy during hotter months with our PT45 Beard Trimmer. For added freshness, consider our Sandalwood Beard Oil to keep your beard hydrated and smelling great in the heat — because summer beard care is extra important. 

MYTH #4: Facial Hair Genes Come Only From Your Mother’s Side

There's an old saying that if you want to forecast the future of your beard, you should look at your mother's side of the family. Many believe that maternal genetics play a deciding role in the fate of your facial hair.

Busting the Myth

Beard genetics are far more complex than this old wives’ tale. The truth is a mix of genetic influences from both your parents determines your beard's potential. It's not solely reliant on your maternal lineage but a combination of genes from your entire family tree.

The Beard Club Insight

While you can't pick your genes, you can certainly take control of how you groom and care for your beard. For those concerned about beard fullness, our Beard Growth Products can provide essential nutrients to help support healthy hair growth. And remember, a well-groomed beard using the right tools can make all the difference in appearance — regardless of the genetic hand you were dealt.

MYTH #5: Beards Are Messy and Dirty

man with gingered-haired beard

Some say that a beard is a magnet for dirt and debris, making it a messy and unhygienic choice. This biggest beard myth paints a picture of bearded men as unkempt and scruffy.

Busting the Myth

Let's cut through the grime of this misconception. A beard is only as clean as the care you put into it. Proper beard hygiene and grooming are key. Just like the hair on your head, your beard requires regular washing and maintenance to stay clean and healthy. Dirt and bacteria aren't more attracted to beard hair than any other type of hair.

The Beard Club Insight

To keep your beard pristine, dive into a daily beard routine, using grooming products like, Beard Shampoo. It's specially formulated to cleanse your facial hair without stripping away natural oils. Following up with our Beard Balm can help in taming flyaways, giving you a more polished look. And if beard itch is a concern, regular grooming and hydration can help alleviate that itchiness.

Closing It Out

We finally cut the fuzz surrounding beard myths. Whether you're shaving or letting it grow, the idea that your facial hair transforms overnight is simply a myth. For those dealing with a patchy start, patience is key — beards have a way of coming into their own. 

Worried about overheating in the summer? Fear not, a beard won't turn you into a walking sauna. And when it comes to the genetics of facial hair, it's not just about your mother's side. Genes play by their own rules. 

Lastly, the cleanliness of a beard depends on how well you maintain it, not the style itself. So, gents, embrace the beard truth, ditch the myths, and rock your facial flair with no-nonsense swagger.

Check out our line of beard products to rock your best beard today.


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