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Summer Beard Care: Summer Beard Styles and Grooming Tips

Summer Beard Care: Summer Beard Styles and Grooming Tips

Every season comes with its own set of challenges for guys with bushy beards. Fall weather can make your beard feel dry because of the cool air coming through. The winter season can make you scared of shaving because you don’t want to lose out on the warmth it provides. And the spring can make you feel itchy because of pollen and other allergens getting caught in your beard.

But the summer brings its own set of problems and challenges for bearded men. It’s hot, humid, and can get super sweaty. That makes your beard feel worn down, damp, greasy, and even a little bit smelly.

Let's take a look at how you can continue to take care of your beard even during hot weather to keep your summer beard looking fresh.

Summertime Beard Hazards

bottle of shampoo

Summer is supposed to be a time of low stress, good vibes, and pool time ragers. But it can be hard to love the season when it’s the reason your beard is getting all smelly and greasy. Aside from it being hot as heck, a slew of other summertime scaries can affect the way your beard looks and feels.

Regardless of whether you have a long beard or a short beard, when the heat ramps up, you’ll naturally start sweating even more than normal — with sweat comes discomfort, stickiness, and stinkiness. No, thanks. 

Now, there is one benefit of having a beard during the summer: Your beard sort of acts like a sponge, absorbing all of the sweat dripping down your face before it enters your mouth or drips onto your shirt.

But on the flip side, this also means that your sweat and grime get trapped in your beard without a way of escaping. This affects how your beard looks and the skin underneath it.

Additionally, swimming in the summertime can have a major effect on the health of your beard because of the chemical chlorine. Chlorine is a harsh chemical for your hair that can affect your beard hair as well as the hair on the top of your head.

Not to mention, summertime foods like barbeque and clam bakes can get caught in your beard and make you smell a little worse for wear. When you couple that with the fact that insects and ticks can physically get trapped in your facial hair, it can be a recipe for seasonal sadness.

So what do you do? You might need to restyle your beard in the summer months to beat the summer heat. Let’s take a look at some of the best beard styles for the summertime.

Best Beard Styles for the Summer

Summer might be less of a time for hair growth and more of a time for hair shortening. Here are some great beard styles to keep cool during warmer months.

1. Short Boxed Beard

The boxed beard is a neat, square-shaped beard that emphasizes your jawbone, giving you a chiseled appearance. And while a boxed beard typically incorporates longer hair, you can trim it short of the summer to get the classic appearance without the sweat and grime.

This is an effortless style to maintain, which is ideal for a busy guy who’s spending lots of time drinking beers on the beach or lounging by the pool (priorities). It’s also able to keep your face cooler in the hot weather because of its shorter length. You have more breathability and still are able to enjoy the fruits of your beard growth labor.

2. Scruff/Stubble Beard

While some people might not put stubble into a “beard style” category, we think that any type of facial hair has its place. And the summer is the perfect time to rock a short, trimmed beard that’s just showing off a few days of growth.

The scruffy beard is a breeze to maintain and gives you a rugged, masculine appearance. It doesn’t require excessive length (or really any length at all), which makes it one of the simplest styles to flaunt in the summer. 

Tip: Shave the hairs on your neck so that your beard looks intentional: Stubble beards should still be uniform. 

3. Goatee

Goatees are a classic beard style that many men get too scared to try to pull off. But if you can properly tout a goatee, you’ll be drawing in positive comments and positive vibes from everyone around you at your next summer barbeque.

A goatee is a mustache connected to a beard on the chin, with the cheeks fully shaven. It’s a timeless style that also keeps your face super cool. Since it requires minimal hair growth, it’s a snap to grow in, especially for those who haven’t gotten to the Gandalf beard level yet. 

The goatee is the precision art of hair, not unlike the art of Renaissance sculptors (we think). A beard trimmer is a must. The PT45 Beard and Hair Trimmer will give your natural beard that wow factor you’ve been searching for. With 45 different lengths and a 7,000 RPM motor, you can get the exact shave you want (and say goodbye to skin irritation). 

4. Chin Strap

As the name implies, the chin strap beard style involves growing a thin strip of hair along the jawline and the chin — giving you the appearance of a helmet chin strap. It’s minimalistic, but it can accentuate the jaw and make you look refined and poised.

The summer is a great time to sport this look because it requires minimal hair growth and is super low maintenance. However, it does require you to be able to connect your sideburns all the way down to your chin. 

Top 3 Tips for Summer Beard Care

bottle of shampoo

Whichever style of beard you decide to keep in the summer, there are a few ways to keep it 100% flawless. 


You probably condition the hair on top of your head to keep it silky-smooth and soft. But many guys forget that the hair on their chin needs the same type of love and affection. Keeping your beard hydrated in the summer is super important, especially when spending lots of time in chlorine or saltwater, which can naturally dry out hair.

Chemicals like chlorine remove the natural oils on your skin and hair that contribute to a healthy beard. Moisturizing can restore those oils to keep your beard and stache smooth, soft, and supple.

But you can’t use just any type of lotion — you need a product that’s fully tailored to boost your beard health, like our Beard Oils. These are loaded with essential oils and vitamins that can boost the hydration of your beard while also promoting healthy growth. We use Beard Oils to keep the beard well-hydrated. 

Use Sunscreen

Sure, your beard might not necessarily need to be protected from the sun, but the skin underneath it definitely does. UV rays can be super harmful to your skin, leading to dryness, discomfort, and even forms of cancer

Unhealthy skin from the sun can damage your hair follicles and make your beard look or feel unhealthy. Apply sunscreen all over your body, including on your beard (and the tops of manly bald heads). This is especially necessary if you have a shorter beard style, as you don’t have as much skin protection as thicker, bushier beards.

Keep It Clean

Your beard is going to start to get greasy and smelly if you let all of that summertime sweat sit in there without being washed out. This is where washing your face and keeping your beard clean comes into play.

Not only does washing your face and beard help to prevent acne and breakouts, but it also helps to remove any foul odors (or excess oil buildup) that might be running rampant in your facial hair. Wash your beard whenever it starts feeling sticky, grimy, or smelly (or way before that, gentlemen). PS: Now’s also the time to banish those tangles with a Beard Comb, btw. 

Be sure you’re using the right products, too. Our Beard Shampoo moisturizes without washing away your skin’s natural oils, which are necessary for skin health and wellness.

So, you know to use a beard wash to keep it clean, but what about keeping it fresh? You can be just-out-of-the-shower clean, but without beard balm, your whiskers are looking wild (and not in the good way). With the Sandalwood Beard Balm and the Boar Bristle Beard Brush, you’re so fresh and so clean, clean (and yes, this is a reference to OutKast’s 2000 anthem). 

Take Your Beard Game to the Next Level

The summer is for lounging by the pool, mowing the lawn, and sitting out by the campfire — not for stressing about your beard. But excessive sweat, pool chemicals, and other factors can make it hard to want to grow out your beard during June, July, and August.

However, plenty of shorter beard styles are perfect for the summer months to help you stay cool — in looks and in temperature. Regardless, keeping your beard clean, moisturizing often, and applying sunscreen are simple ways to rejuvenate your beard, no matter what time of year.

Need some help looking and feeling your best as the sun scorches down? Join The Beard Club today to discover the best version of you.


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