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Office Life: Tips for Wearing a Beard at Work

Office Life: Tips for Wearing a Beard at Work

Man with beard holding eye glasses and smiling

There was a time when many considered a beard to be a no-go at job interviews. So-called “respectable” businessmen saw beards as something only lazy, unmotivated people would sport. Those days of woeful ignorance are long past, and good riddance! 

Beards have become perfectly welcome sights across countless professions—they’ve even become synonymous with a few. Yes, outside of certain jobs where beards simply aren't permitted due to contamination issues or strict dress codes, men these days are free to show off their excellent facial hair while grinding through the 9-to-5 office routine. 

That said, it’s always important to present your beard in tip-top shape. That’s not just a rule of the office; it’s a big part of feeling confident in your appearance in general. You’ve worked hard to make your beard look awesome, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t make the most of those efforts to establish yourself as the best and most stylish-looking guy at the office. Our expert tips for grooming your beard for the workplace is a sure path to impressing your fellow co-workers while you ascend the corporate ladder.

Man with stubble in blue suit

Cleanliness is Next to Corner-Office-Worthiness

The first step in having a presentable beard for work is—well, it’s a bit of a no-brainer. It's the same rule you'd apply to the rest of your body: Never head into work a filthy mess. 

You wouldn’t go to work covered in grime or wearing smelly, unwashed clothes. So why wouldn’t you put the same effort into your face? You don't want to show up on the job with a beard coated in crumbs of food. And you sure don’t want to hit your Monday morning meetings with a matted, oily mess on your chin after a weekend of partying. Before you get to the office, get yourself into the damn shower! Scrub that beard as if your life depended on it!

Looking for the right product to give grit the pink slip? You can't go wrong with our Beard Shampoo, which gets rid of dandruff, detangles your whiskers, and nourishes both the hair and the skin on your face to promote healthier growth. 

And if you slept through your alarm and are rushing to the office for a manic Monday, don’t panic! Your beard still doesn’t have to look like a waking nightmare. Grab some of our Beard Spray for a quick refresher on the go. A few spritzes will help restore the softness and shine to your beard while adding a lovely, fresh-from-the-shower fragrance as well.

Man in suit smiling sideways

Shape Up or Ship Out

Who doesn’t love giant, unruly beards? What's not to enjoy about a sprawling party of follicles gone wild? They’re great, but are they always appropriate? There's certainly a time and place for those mighty mountains of hair, but your typical corporate environment may not be it. Unless your gig sees you riding a scooter to a free-for-all tech startup, you’re probably going to want to stick to a neat-and-tidy beard… at least until you work your way up through the ranks. Once you’ve landed a spot on the executive floor, who’s going to complain if you rock a behemoth of a beard? You'll have earned it!

Until you’re hobnobbing with the CEO, though, you’ll most likely aim for a simple, traditional beard style—something that goes with the flow in your work environment. Cultivate a look that'll keep your appearance sharp while still showing off a bit of your rebellious side. A short boxed beard, Balbo beard, stubble beard, or something along those lines should do the trick. 

But hey, just because you're keeping your facial hair on the shorter side doesn't mean you can't have some fun with it. Tinker with different styles and see what you think best suits your face.

Bearded man in suit and sunglasses

Maintenance, Man

Outside of the kind of wild beard that only answers to Mother Nature, facial hair needs to be tamed, whether inside the office or out. Any style you pick will require upkeep, and that only happens if you're willing to dedicate some time to the process. If you're planning to wear a beard in the office, keeping things in check will be doubly important. You’d better lock in a grooming regimen—quick!

If you’re maintaining a tidy look for the office, you probably won’t want to go more than two or three days without giving your beard a trim. Otherwise, things are going to start looking scraggly halfway through the work week. Hump Day is bad enough without it also becoming Look-Like-A-Chump Day. 

After shaving your whisker down a bit, you’ll want to keep things in shape with a regular application of our Beard Club Sandalwood Balm. This all-natural product not only feeds your beard, but it holds it in place as well. If you do a lot of moving and shaking at your job, our Balm is a great way to keep your beard steady.