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7 Beard Growth Tips You Wish You'd Known Sooner

7 Beard Growth Tips You Wish You'd Known Sooner

A beard is like a fingerprint—each has its unique imprint. Just take a look at the bearded people in your life.

There’s your coworker whose healthy scruff keeps him warm against the winter’s harsh winds. There’s the mysterious stranger at your local bar, who sports a close-cropped and seemingly effortless five o’clock shadow and always seems to be downing an Old Fashioned. And then there’s the dapper beard influencer, whose lustrous beard rivals this season’s cashmere scarves.

What all those characters—and all those great beards—have in common is that they were once bare-faced beginners just starting out on their journey toward growing a healthy beard. Maybe that’s you. Or maybe you’re somewhere in the middle of your pilgrimage and looking for beard growth tips that will push your beard to greater lengths. 

Regardless of where you are in your journey, let our tips for growing a beard be your guide. 

Common Myth: No, It Actually Won’t Grow Back Thicker

Before we get into our beard growing tips, we need to blow up one of the most common myths about facial hair. Shaving your face won’t make your hair grow back thicker.1 When you slice your fledgling beard down to stubble, the hair might look thicker, but that’s only because the blunt ends of the hair have more surface area. 

In fact, constantly shaving your face in the hopes of achieving some kind of hydra effect (that’s when you chop off one head and two grow back—for the non-nerds in the audience) can actually do more harm than good. Too much shaving can lead to razor burn, dry skin, and irritation. 

You could also end up damaging your hair follicles, which will ultimately lead to worse beard growth.  

#1 Treat Your Face

So, you’ve stopped scraping your poor cheeks with a razor every other day, but that’s only the beginning. Your beard needs a healthy place to grow, which means it’s essential that you take great care of your face.2 

While it’s important that you tailor your skincare routine to your type of skin, here are some general men’s grooming products that you’ll want in your arsenal: 

  • A gentle cleanser – You should be washing your face every day to keep your skin clean and your pores clear. Using a cleanser instead of soap will stop your skin from drying out, which can help promote beard growth.
  • An exfoliating scrub – Exfoliating once or twice a week will clear your face of dead skin cells. This can be especially helpful during the stubble phase as it helps prevent painful ingrown hairs. 
  • A moisturizer – We’re going to lather up with all things moisturizer later in the list, but in terms of your skincare routine, you want to make sure your face is staying nicely hydrated. This step is especially important after exfoliating. 
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      #2 Put Your Trimmer Away

      One of the most important tips for beard growth is… to actually let your beard grow! This is especially true if you’re just starting out on your beard-growing journey. Maybe you have a destination in mind, but whether you’re headed toward a simple and short box beard or a robust and distinguished Verdi, it’s wise to let your beard grow beyond the length you’re aiming for.

      Why should you let your beard grow wild and free?

      Well, having a little extra length might make the trimming process less stressful as it gives you more room for error. Plus, you might find that a longer or fuller beard actually suits your face, and you never would have learned that if you’d been going nuts with the trimmer. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

      Bonus Tip: Consider Growth Rate

      It’s a common misconception that all your facial hair grows at the same speed. That simply isn’t true. Sometimes, the hair on your cheeks can take a few weeks to catch up to the hair on your chin. That’s totally normal! It’s also a good reason to be judicious with your trimming if you’re going for an even look. Some areas of your beard might need more time than others. 

      #3 Have Some Patience

      Maybe your glowing skin is earning jealous looks from the neighborhood beauticians, and your trimming discipline is so on point that there are cobwebs on your beard trimmer. And yet, your facial hair growth is still lagging behind where you’d like it to be. Don’t stress out and panic buy some illicit beard-growing supplements. 

      Instead, be patient with yourself and your beard. Age is the biggest factor when it comes to beard growth. It can take until your early 30s for your beard to fully develop thickness and coarseness. 

      Some people expect to be able to grow a full and luscious beard in just a few weeks. In reality, it could be a few months before your beard fills out. 

      Bonus Tip: Don’t Blame Your Mom

      Another common myth about facial hair is that it’s inherited from your mom’s side. That’s not true. Like almost everything in life, both your parents are to blame. 

      The truth is, genetics is the biggest determining factor when it comes to facial hair.3 With that in mind, it’s important to set reasonable growth expectations for yourself based on your family tree. 

      Also, it couldn’t hurt to give your furry Uncle Jim a big hug the next time you see him.  

      #4 Eat Healthy 

      Genetics might be the most prominent factor when it comes to beard potential, but that doesn’t mean your behavior doesn’t matter. Male hormones definitely impact beard growth, so working some testosterone-boosting foods into a balanced diet is a smart way to naturally promote beard growth. 

      Some foods that have been shown to help include:

      • Eggs
      • Coffee
      • Red meat
      • Fruits, like oranges and raisins
      • Green vegetables, like broccoli and Brussel sprouts
      • Olive oil

      But before you start sweatily chasing the day’s second steak with another pot of coffee, remember that good overall health is fundamental to beard growth, too. Be smart about your diet because even the most luxurious beard won’t save you from a highway of clogged arteries.

      #5 Apply Vitamin B to Your Beard

      Working a beard growth supplement into your daily routine can also be a good way to promote healthy beard growth. Some key ingredients to look for when choosing a beard-fertilizing multivitamin are: 

      • Vitamin A – Helps your skin produce its own natural lubricants, which, as we learned above, create a healthy environment for your beard.
      • Vitamin C  – Does more than just boost your immune system. It also helps circulation, which, in turn, can increase the blood flow to your hair follicles and spur growth. 
      • Biotin – Deficiencies can lead to hair loss and weak beard growth. Always make sure your Vitamin B7 tank is topped off. 
      Man with beard outside

      #6 Keep Your Beard Soft and Moisturized

      To keep your beard healthy and achieve your ultimate facial hair growth goals, you’ll want to wash your beard on the regular. That means you should be washing your beard every day. Be careful about using the same shampoo that you use on your head on your beard, though. Hair shampoos can strip out the oils that beards need and leave your facial hair dry and brittle. We recommend using a beard wash, as these are specifically formulated with your beard hair in mind. 

      If your beard is still in the early stages, you might consider working a beard growth oil into your daily routine. Does beard growth oil work? When used twice daily, beard oil benefits your skin by nourishing and moisturizing your hair follicles. 

      Plus, every beard journey goes through the “new beard itch” stage. Using beard oils will help alleviate that and prevent that discomfort since your beard hair and skin underneath will be hydrated. 

      Even if your beard has reached your growth goal, you should still be oiling or conditioning twice daily. Maintaining a moisturized beard will keep it soft (your partner will thank you) and easy to work into any beard style. Just make sure to use a beard brush or folding beard comb to evenly distribute the beard oil through each hair follicle following application. For ease of styling, use a finely-crafted beard balm to tame any flyaway hair strands and make sculpting that much easier. 

      #7 Get Rolling

      Last but not least, if your beard growth still isn’t quite where you’d like it to be, you should try using a beard roller twice a week as a part of your beard care routine. Don’t be intimidated by the tiny needles (it doesn’t hurt!). A derma roller stimulates blood flow and collagen-rich tissue, which can lead to faster and fuller growth. Patchy beards, rejoice!

      Just don’t forget to keep it clean! 

      Join the Beard Club—You Don’t Have to Grow Alone

      Just like every beard is unique, every beard also starts from stubble. Growing a beard is an adventure, and it should be a time when you feel free to experiment and discover what look works for you. Most importantly, the journey toward a healthy and full beard shouldn’t be a lonely one.

      The Beard Club has your back. 

      We’ve got all the beard products you’ll need for a fulfilling journey. If you’re just setting out, our starter beard growth kits can get you growing in the right direction. If you’re a seasoned beard-trotter, our oils and moisturizers can help pamper your longtime length. (And don’t forget a trusty pair of scissors and comb.)

      Bearded adventure awaits!


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