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Give Dad a Great Beard for Father’s Day

Give Dad a Great Beard for Father’s Day

With Father's Day only a few days away, you don't have a lot of time left to figure out a perfect gift for Dad. If you’re fresh out of ideas after years of ties, "#1 Dad" mugs, and tackle boxes, The Beard Club is here to help. We have the perfect gift to give any dad this year, and it won't cost you an arm and a leg.

For Father's Day, our beard professionals here at The Beard Club have cooked up a Father’s Day special sure to make any dad happy: A killer deal on our Ultimate Beard Kit. It's chock full of all the beard care a father could ever want, and it's sure to remind Pops that you're his favorite kid. We’re offering a box load of products for a mere $65—a huge cut from this set’s usual $99 price!

Still not convinced we've got the best Father's Day gift going? Let's break the haul down for you.

Keepin' it clean

Let’s start with the basics. Whether Dad wears a classic mustache or a full-on beard, he has to keep those whiskers clean. That's why we've included a bottle of our Beard Shampoo in our kit—its lather will keep your father’s beard looking fresh and feeling great. He can say goodbye to dandruff as our best-selling product keeps his facial hair silky smooth!

Going hand-in-hand with the Beard Shampoo is our Body Wash, also included in the package. Just as our Beard Shampoo does to a beard, our Body Wash will get the rest of you squeaky clean and feeling fresh. A quick shower with both of these products will have Dad feeling as mighty as Zeus.

Keepin' it fresh

With Dad's facial hair looking top-notch, he’ll also want to keep it healthy and invigorated. Our Father's Day Special box includes Sandalwood Oil, Beard Spray, and Growth Vitamins, all of which will be a tremendous help in that department. He’ll just need to work a few drops of our Sandalwood Oil into his beard on a daily basis to keep his whiskers feeling smooth and looking shiny.

Our Beard Spray makes for a great follow-up to a regular oiling routine. Dad can take our handy mini-sized spray bottle along with him by carrying it in his pocket or in a to-go bag. A quick spritz equals instant freshening-up throughout the day, re-hydrating his beard while giving it a nice, clean scent.

Finally, our Growth Vitamins help promote a richer beard texture and fuller growth. And they’re all-natural, having been specially formulated from botanical extracts!

man trimming his beard in front mirror

Keepin' it styled

Once Dad's beard is looking great and feeling good, he’ll definitely want to take it to the next level. The Father's Day Special box includes both Sandalwood Balm and Hair Pomade to help get him there.

A dab of our Sandalwood Balm is the perfect way to help him get his beard back into its proper shape after a night's sleep or a quick nap. Not only will Sandalwood Balm make his beard more manageable, it’ll also give it a more refreshed and vibrant look.

If your Pops is after something with a stronger hold, our Hair Pomade is up to the task. Good for shaping both his whiskers and his hairstyle, Hair Pomade will guarantee his beard stays looking sharp throughout the day. And it goes on with a lustrous sheen, rather than leaving his beard looking greasy and matted.

Of course, Dad’s going need some tools to help keep his beard looking sharp! You know we wouldn't leave Pops hanging on that front, which is why our Father's Day Special includes three crucial styling accessories. With a Beard Brush, Beard Comb, and Sandalwood Mustache Comb tucked inside our Ultimate Beard Kit, dear old Dad will always have the means to sculpt the style he wants to wear.

The Ultimate Beard Kit’s killer combination of items would normally set you back $99, and we certainly think it's worth every penny. But we have a soft spot for all the bearded fathers out there, which is why our Ultimate Beard Kit is on sale now through Father’s Day for the incredible price of $65. An insane value? Absolutely! But Dad deserves it.

There’s not much time left before Father’s Day. So grab an Ultimate Beard Kit for Dad and help make this Father's Day his best ever! (And hey, if you order one for yourself, too… we won’t tell.)