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How to Condition Your Beard

How to Condition Your Beard

Whether your fitness goals involve bench-pressing twice your bodyweight or being able to finish a marathon, you can’t simply skip right to the end goal. Instead, you have to train and condition your body every day to condition it to reach the finish line of your goal. The journey to growing an epic beard is similarly demanding. Sorry, even the manliest among us will never just wake up one day with a beard to rival the Greek gods. Growing a great beard requires the same dedication and effort as any other physical fitness goal. And making strategic use of a few Beard Club cleansing products never hurts, either. A key tool on the road to nurturing an incredible thatch of whiskers is conditioning. Properly conditioning your beard helps ensure healthy growth, and it make your mane easier to style, too.

Bearded man in jacket

Even a long, thick beard looks less impressive without proper grooming. You've put so much effort and time into growing out your whiskers—why let them look ragged and dry? Learning how to properly condition your beard can feel intimidating at first, especially if this is your first journey down the road to the facial hair of your dreams. However, there are several tools you can incorporate into your daily routine that will not only condition your beard, but keep it looking and feeling great as you tackle your day. The first step in properly conditioning your beard is using Beard Shampoo, which combines brilliantly with our Body Wash and has been tailor-made for your chin scruff. Washing your beard regularly will help remove debris and dead hair from your mane, while also providing your hair (and skin!) with the nourishment you need to keep everything growing strong, silky, and smooth. Our Beard Shampoo is packed with vitamins and natural oils that will help make your beard its best.

Conditioning doesn't end once you’re out of the shower, though. You should have a regular rotation of additional products to help strengthen and nurture your beard as it continues to grow. If your business for the day requires a natural look, you'll want to apply Beard Cream as you style your mane. Our Beard Cream helps nourish your facial hair. It also moisturizes the skin beneath all that hair, and it helps enhance the conditioning effects of the Beard Shampoo. Beard Cream also helps protect your beard from the elements while maintaining a more natural look.

However, if your whiskers are still looking particularly unruly even after a shower and shampoo, you'll want to use Beard Balm to tame that beast. Beard Club Beard Balm combines the benefits of both oil and wax to help cure your “bed beard” with one simple application. And, like our Beard Cream, Beard Balm also contains ingredients that encourage growth while softening rough facial hairs.

Finally, you'll want to use the Beard Club's trademark Beard Oil as your go-to product for daily conditioning. Beard Oil will keep your mane looking silky smooth while providing your facial hair with the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. It’s also a dynamic and versatile product. You can use it in the morning to quickly shape and style your beard, but it's also great throughout the day to quickly get your mane back in place. Just as you'd work out and lift weights to obtain your fitness goals, making use of the proper beard conditioning products should be a part of your daily beard care routine. By consistently using a healthy dose of these products on top of a base of regular shampooing, you'll condition your beard into a lean, mean fighting machine before you know it.