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How to Fix Any Bearded Complaint

How to Fix Any Bearded Complaint

Beating the first itch 

The first time anyone pursues the bearded lifestyle, they're bound to experience a shared sensation: The itch. This is usually the first complaint involved in maintaining a beard. The bristles grow until they reach a certain length… and then they begin to tingle. They tickle. And finally, the dreaded itch. You'll start feeling like a cat, compelled to rub against any rough surface you can find to soothe the sensation. Though you may be tempted to chop off your luxurious new locks, don't give into despair! Starter beard itch can be frustrating, but don't let it drive you to say farewell to your new facial companion. Instead, banish the itch—address that first complaint—once and for all with our vital tips and world-class beard productsshutterstock_313676516

Tackling any complaint 

So you've beaten the itch, right? It's a few weeks later, and everything seems to be falling into place. The stinging sensation is gone, but you're still wondering what other discomforts you may need to overcome on the road to bearded glory. Don't let yourself become your own worst enemy here. For starters, you'll want to be mindful of the fact that shaving your face causes the hair you cut to be left behind with a sharp edge. The harsh tips of your leftover stubble can become the literal root of an itchy beard long after you make it past those rocky early days of growth. This sensation can last a couple of weeks after the shave, or even further in. You might think this is reason enough never to shave again! But sometimes, you need to do a little maintenance. There's just no avoiding it. And as your beard grows in length and thickness, you'll find another cause for concern: A massive beard becomes a place where dirt, dead skin, and dust can accumulate. Thankfully, there is one sure way to battle it all: Beard oil. Beard oils and creams help battle irritants both from within and without right at the source. Just apply a little of one or the other (or both!) in the morning after you wash your face for best results. If you're serious about your beard, it's time to give it the full attention it needs and deserves.
Man in checkered polo with both hands raised to his sides

Patchy Problems

When you first dive into the process of growing a beard, you're driven by your visions of a glorious, final result. You see yourself with a full-grown beard glistening in the sun, the breeze dancing between each bristle. It's a thing of beauty... in your mind's eye, anyway. Unfortunately, those visions of perfection may not manifest in real life the way you dreamed. After a few weeks of letting your beard grow out, what actually shows up on your face could leave you feeling downtrodden. Don't freak out, though! Before you go shaving everything off and accept the baby-faced lifestyle, know that things aren't nearly as bad as they seem. Yes, it's disheartening to see a beard form with patchy or uneven spots, but it's honestly not the end of your bearded aspirations. Did you know that most men experience patchy facial growth? Their solution: They give their beard time to do its thing. Different areas of our facial hair often grow in at varying rates.

Sometimes all it takes is a bit of patience on your end in order for things to fill out. A spot that looks troublesome on day 14 could be completely covered up by day 30. Just hang in there and give your whiskers time to grow. But it's possible you may tough things out, and still end up unhappy with some of the remaining spots you see. Even so, don't throw in the towel yet. This is what The Beard Club is all about! We offer a variety of beard accelerators to help give your beard a fighting chance. Depending on how serious you are about filling in your patchy spots, Beard Growth Oil, Vitamin Capsules, and Vitamin Spray may be just what you need to supplement your growth and fix things up.

Our growth products could be just the kick your facial hair needs to cure the plague of patchiness. Keep in mind, you can also revise your dreams—maybe in the end you'll need to adopt a beard style that matches what your face and your genetics are capable of. Just because you don't like the way one style shows up on your chin doesn't mean you should abandon the dream of facial hair altogether. Work within the reality of your whiskers and create a look that plays to your strengths, be it a goatee, a short-boxed beard, or a chin strap. All beards are beautiful!