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Why Does My Beard Hurt? 3 Tips for Soothing the Pain

Why Does My Beard Hurt? 3 Tips for Soothing the Pain

We’ve all been there. You’re just sitting around minding your own business, and you realize your beard feels really, really sore. 

Beard pain is a normal issue that can arise for all kinds of different reasons. If your beard hair hurts, the pain probably occurs when you touch or shave it. If your beard hurts when you touch it, the pain might be caused by skin dryness, dehydration, or leftover shampoo. 

If the pain occurs when you’re shaving, that issue is typically the result of improper shaving practices. When you’re first growing a beard, your skin isn’t used to it, which can be a cause of soreness. However, this issue could also arise from clogged pores.

No need to fret, though, because there are surefire ways to soothe that pain. The main solution is a proper cleansing and shaving routine, so we’ll give you a comprehensive guide to both of those key beard habits. In addition, beard oils and beard balms are ideal for nourishing your skin.

The Beard Club cares about you and your beard, so don’t spend any more time scouring the internet for the answers to your beard needs. We have it all right here.

Why Does My Beard Hair Hurt?

As mentioned above, your beard hair can begin hurting due to numerous factors, such as dryness, clogged pores, or even a poor shaving routine when you touch it, shave it, or let it grow out. While each action has its main perpetrator, all the following reasons overlap with one another. 

For example, your beard could hurt when you touch it because of poor shaving practices. Your beard could also hurt when you shave because it’s dry and coarse. 

If none of the following reasons for your beard hurting seem to ring true and none of the remedies are working, then you may be dealing with a more serious medical condition. If that’s the case, talk to your doctor or a specialist. 

Why Does Touching My Beard Hair Hurt?

One reason why your beard could hurt when you touch it is dryness. 

Without moisture, your face and beard hair will easily dry out and become coarse. This problem leads to flaky skin, or dandruff, which itches. When you itch a dry beard, it will inevitably become sore.


On that same note, if you’re not drinking enough water, then your body will dehydrate, and that leads to a lack of nutrients reaching your hair follicles. As we always say, hydrate or die-drate. 

Not Washing Your Beard Enough

Lastly, when you don’t wash out your beard shampoo well enough, it leaves behind a leftover residue. Even a powerful hydrating beard shampoo is still soap at the end of the day, and if not rinsed out, it will dry out the skin and cause that annoying itch.

Why Does It Hurt When I Shave My Beard?

We hate to say it, but there’s a chance you need to shave differently. 

There are various mistakes people make when shaving simply because they don’t know what they’re doing is wrong, and that is a big reason why your beard might be hurting.

Shaving Before You Shower

Shaving before you shower is often a mistake because your beard is not yet damp from the warm shower water. 

Shaving Against the Grain

In addition, shaving against the grain often causes pain and irritation. In most cases, shaving with the grain is the safest option.

Skipping the Shaving Cream

Also, not using any kind of shaving cream can make the process much harder since it helps the razor glide across your skin better. Sensitive skin can benefit from gentler shaving creams, but even if shaving cream irritates your skin, never dry shave. Dry shaving often causes ingrown hairs and can nick your skin.

Dull Razor Blades

Dull razor blades tear at your hair rather than give a clean cut and can easily snag while shaving. Make sure your blades are always sharp and take your time when shaving: Rushed shaving is bad shaving. 

How Do You Stop Your Beard From Hurting? 3 Tips for Soothing the Pain

Now that we’ve established the causes of pain, let’s look into how we can remedy and soothe those pains whenever they arise. There are three key approaches to soothing a hurting beard: shaving, moisturizing, and nourishing. 

1. Fix Your Shaving Routine

A proper shaving routine can do wonders to soothe the pain you experience in your beard. 

Not only is the prep important, but having the right tools matters, too. Make sure you have a solid beard grooming kit on hand so that you’re not missing anything you need. 

Here is an ideal shaving routine to soothe and prevent beard pain:

  1. Before anything else, use your PT45 electric trimmer to get your beard to a manageable length so you can shave it.

  2. Once the beard is thinned out and shortened, hop in the shower and exfoliate the skin underneath to get rid of dead skin. The warm water will soften your facial hair.

  3. Grab your straight-edge razor (if you’re so inclined) and apply the beard cream. Shave with the grain of your beard while keeping your skin taut with your opposite hand.

  4. Once you’re clean and shaved where you need, gently pat your face dry, and apply beard oil.

2. Moisturize that Dry Skin

Dryness is a beard’s kryptonite. Once your beard gets dry, it’ll get coarse, and that leads to split ends. So, it’s imperative to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. The two essentials you need for this habit are beard oil and balm. 

As water is to plants, oil is to your beard, so daily usage is necessary to keep your beard healthy and hydrated. Beard oil contains nourishing ingredients such as sunflower oil, castor oil, and olive oil

This beard oil battles all types of skin irritations and is much healthier than oils that collect in your beard throughout the day. These beard oils are made with ingredients that easily absorb into the hair. Stop waiting and start applying beard oil today!

If beard oil isn’t enough, then also invest in some beard balm. Beard balm is ideal for soothing dry skin and pain because it protects your beard and skin from the elements. Balm also helps trap moisture already present in the beard and keeps it from escaping so your beard remains moisturized.

3. Nourish Your Hungry Beard

Men like to eat. Well, guess what — so does your beard! 

Beards need nutrients just like the rest of the human body, and if it doesn’t receive those nutrients, then they will grow unhealthy. That leads to further dehydration, brittleness, and restricted blood flow. All those symptoms can cause pain beneath your beard.

How do you combat this issue? Try a vitamin spray directly on your facial hair. The nutrients in this formula can then travel through your bloodstream and soak into the hair strands directly, which may give your beard the boost it needs.

Don’t Despair. Beard Care. 

Whether you suffer from dry skin, bumps under your beard, or clogged pores, every man at some point will have to deal with pain in their beard. 

The pain may just be natural and will go away soon, but having a proper shaving routine, moisturizing daily, and giving your beard the necessary nutrients are important rules for every bearded man to follow. If you stick with these beard care tips, you’ll hopefully get the relief you desire ASAP.


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