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How To Use Mustache Wax Like a Pro | The Beard Club

How To Use Mustache Wax Like a Pro | The Beard Club

We treat the hair on top of our heads with a lot of love and affection, but you should treat the hair on your face with just as much love and care. While beard oils and waxes are highly common, what do we do about the hair on that upper lip?

Your mustache is as important as the beard beneath it, and treating it properly can take your look to whole new heights. Here’s everything you need to know about mustache wax so you can completely amp up your look.

What Is Mustache Wax?

Most of the time, men are loaded up with beard balms and oils, hairstyling gels, and facial cleansers. Sometimes, mustache wax often goes completely overlooked despite its ability to bring new depths to facial hair style.

Mustache wax is sort of like a pomade or a gel for your hair. It works to help hold stubborn, bristly hairs in place while also giving you the ability to style your mustache in whatever way you want. These often contain nourishing oils and chemicals, which help soften the hairs and moisturize the skin underneath them.

How To Apply Mustache Wax

Mustache wax is only as good as the person who knows how to use it.

Here are some simple tips and tricks when it comes to getting the most out of your wax:

1. Use a Small Amount

With mustache wax, a little can go a long way. Using your thumb, scrape a small amount of wax with the top of your nail. This isn’t something you need to lather all over: It’s more like a subtle product that works best when used in moderation.

2. Warm It Up

You’ll then need to “warm” the wax in between your pointer finger and thumb to iron out all the kinks or clumps that you might find in the wax. Your body heat is enough to melt the wax down and make it easier to apply.

3. Apply

To put the wax onto your mustache, you’ll apply using your pointer finger and thumb. Pull the was away from the center of your lips to the outside of the stache.

Think of it like pinching your hair outward. This helps keep your hair looking smooth while also allowing you to style it in whichever way strikes your fancy.

4. Style

You can repeat the process of applying the wax and pulling it outward as many times as you need to until you feel like the wax is evenly distributed. For the best appearance, finish off with a mustache comb to even out stray hairs and give yourself the style you’re looking for.

Mustache Wax Tips

To get the most out of your product, there are a few things to know before you even open up the package.

Let the Stache Grow

You don’t need to cultivate a mustache for nearly as long as it took you to perfect that half-court shot. In most cases, you can get a moldable style with a few weeks or months' worth of growth. 

However, if you want to get the most out of the wax, you need a mustache that is long enough to coach to the side of the face rather than sticking straight out.

Usually, half a centimeter or more is enough to get the best effect. The amount of time it will take to hit this level of growth is different for everyone, but patience is a virtue. It will be worth it in the end.

Make Sure Your Stache Is Clean and Dry

You can’t paint a new masterpiece on a dirty canvas. Make sure your mustache is well-cleaned and dried before you apply the wax. This ensures that all of the wax adheres to the hairs without sliding off.

Plus, when you wash your face, you’re helping prevent signs of aging as well as unsightly blemishes that will distract from the facial hair.

Blow Dry (Optional)

While this isn’t really a necessary step for many people, it can give your stache that professional, polished look that is usually only possible from a barbershop. Blow warm heat (not hot) into the direction of your hair to style it how you want, and then blast it on cool air to let the wax dry quickly and lock your look in place.

How To Pick the Right Mustache Wax

There are lots of different kinds of mustache waxes out there, but only a few are actually worth the time and effort. One of the first things you want to take a look at are the ingredients.

Mustache waxes should have moisturizing oils and ingredients that soften the hair and skin in or around your stache. At Beard Club, our beard wax is made from powerful additives that provide a strong hold and offer nourishing benefits to your mustache (or beard).

Beeswax, for example, has moisturizing properties that help leave your hair feeling silky smooth while also preventing dryness in the skin underneath. Essential oils are another ingredient, and these work to soothe your mustache while also giving it a rejuvenating lift. Finally, shea butter helps provide some hold while amplifying the moisturizing benefits of the other ingredients.

You can’t rely on straight cocoa butter or olive oil to keep your beard or mustache looking their best. You need a carefully curated combination of ingredients from The Beard Club to help your facial hair look as good as possible.

Get the Most Out of Your Facial Hair Routine

Mustache wax is only one of many different products that can work in unison to get your facial hair precisely where you want it to be. Pair your mustache wax with some of these:

Beard Comb

A beard comb helps you style and distribute the hair on your beard to make it look even better than you can imagine. But you can use these for your mustache as well.

Mustache combs are perfect when you need a more fine-tuned styling hold without getting your hands too messy.

Beard Shampoo

Beard shampoo helps to keep your beard clean while also cleaning the underlying skin. This works to help avoid breakouts and other unsightly blemishes. But you can use it on your mustache, too. Apply some to your upper lip at the same time that you apply to the hair around your jaw and neck.

Beard Balm

Styling your mustache is one thing, but making sure it matches the hair underneath your lip is another. Beard balm is the perfect companion to mustache wax to make sure that the entire goatee looks as it should.

Our Sandalwood Beard Balm is strong enough to tame a bed beard but versatile enough for beards of all lengths. And since it’s made with sandalwood, it will give you that signature scent of a man that will have people flocking your way.

Growth Spray

Mustache wax isn’t really going to be useful to you if you don’t have a mustache to style in the first place. Beard Club’s growth vitamin spray might be exactly what your mustache and beard need to reach new heights (or lengths).

Just a little spritz of this unique blend of Biotin and essential nutrients keeps your facial forest hydrated so you can reap the benefits as it continues to grow to its full potential. Proper beard or mustache growth spray can boost your facial hair appearance so you can keep that confidence at an all-time high.

Beard Oil

Just because it's called beard oil doesn’t mean you can’t use it on a mustache. In fact, our signature blend is made with ingredients to nourish your hair follicles and the skin underneath your beard and mustache to give you that fluffy face you’ve been dreaming of.

Eliminate that new beard itch and promote healthy growth all in one fell swoop.

In Conclusion

Mustache wax is a simple, easy way to improve the appearance of your mustache by styling your look however you want. It’s sort of like a pomade for the top of your head – only it goes on your upper lip.

Mustache wax is easy to use — simply warm it up in your hand and then be sure to apply in an outward direction from the middle of your lip to the outside of your lip. Be sure to use a comb or blow drier to lock the look in place.

And be sure to pair your mustache wax with other products in order to get the most out of every follicle on your face. Join The Beard Club to make it easy to take great care of your great hair.


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