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The Beard Club's Official Holiday Gift Guide

The Beard Club's Official Holiday Gift Guide

Chestnuts are roasting. Jack Frost is nipping. With all the open fires and chilly frost, the full swing of the holiday season sounds a little hazardous to your beard’s health. No worries, though. Your friends at The Beard Club have some advice for turning the holidays into a whisker wonderland with the greatest gift of all: Gifts.

Some of you may be looking to get a smile peeking through the mighty mane of the bearded loved ones in your life. Other who already belong to the bearded brotherhood may be seeking subtle ways to bring friends into the fuzzy fold. Whatever your gifting objectives this year, The Beard Club would love to help bring some chin-based cheer to the world. Here are our top recommendations for making the 2019 holiday season the most wonderful time of the beard.

Gift a Beard (Club Kit)!

Whether your giftee is just getting beginning a bearded journey or already sports a majestic mane, our Beard Kits can help maintain that manly look throughout the year. Our 3-Month Grooming Starter Kit and Grooming Premium Kit will give the full-bearded man the means to properly care for his face, while our Growth Kit offers the man who wants to get started on a fresh beard a three-month supply of our best growth products. If you need a one-stop shop for the best that Beard Club has to offer, look no further than these gift kits. 

two glasses of beer

Beards of Science Pint Glass

Beards and beer go together like peanut butter and jelly. But did you know that history pairs well with beards and beer, too? One look at this “Great Beards of Science” pint glass and you’ll see what we mean. Adorned with beards and facial fuzz spanning the entirety of history, from Charles Darwin to John Tymball and behind, this glass would make a nifty gifty for any friend who sports a beard—and even those who don’t.

Straight Edge Razor

Few tasks in life are more important than keeping that a beard well-groomed. Even the mightiest of beards needs maintenance, and nothing says, “This guy puts in the work” like sporting clean lines. Our Straight Edge Razor will take care of that: It’s a perfectly balanced tool that’s easy to hold and easier to use. Best of all, it comes with 10 blades right out of the box, so it’s literally a gift that keeps on giving.

Man wearing black shirt

Beard Length Measurement T-Shirt

Do people wonder just how long your friend’s beard really is? Once he slips on this excellent beard measuring chart t-shirt, you’ll know his exact standing in the world of beards. From a simple “Manly” beard through “Civil War Generally” and “Lumberjackly” all the way to “Godly,” this shirt isn’t just good for laughs—it’s a great reminder that they’ve got the best beard in the group. Just don’t names like the “Kung Fu Masterly” beard convince them they’re a modern-day Bruce Lee.

Beard Brushes and Combs

No man who loves his scruff wants it to become unruly, which is why we offer plenty of brushes and combs to tame that beast regardless of its length or strength. If you need something small, check out our Beard Comb or the travel-friendly Folding Comb. For beards of more epic proportions, the heavy duty Beard Brush with its boar bristles and birchwood handle will get the job done. Simply put, there’s no beard our grooming selection can’t wrangle, making these a perfect gift for the beard-wearers in your life. 

Banner with graphic illustrations of men in various beard styles

One Thousand Beards: a Cultural History of Facial Hair

For some men, beards have been part of their lives from the beginning: Their fathers and uncles proudly sported epic beards that helped inspire our own. For those wondering what bearded life was like in those bygone days, the book One Thousand Beards: A Cultural History of Facial Hair is an eye-opening journey through the history of facial hair of all kinds, with centuries of style on display. Give this to any man who’s beginning his journey to bearded bliss and he might just find the beard he wants to make his own while learning about his heritage. 

Growth Vitamins and Growth Oil

No beard in history has appeared instantaneously. Each of us has had to work to grow it to our liking. For various reasons, sprouting impressive whiskers comes more easily to some than others, which is where our growth-focused products come in. Our Growth Vitamins provide a healthy supplement to give your facial hair what it needs to succeed, and our Growth Oil directly nourishes the skin on the chin, paving the way to the perfect beard. 

"Look Me In The Beard When I'm Talking To You" Mug: 

Coffee mugs are perfect gifts for the office Secret Santa or White Elephant exchange. If you’ve drawn the name of someone with a big beard, this hilarious mug is a perfect thing for them to unwrap. It’ll give them a good laugh as they break the ice with their coworkers, and it’s a gift they can use daily all year ’round as they congregate around the coffee pot. A beard is a great talking point all on its own, but why not back it up with a gift that underlines the point?

Beard Shampoo and Body Wash

The idea of “beard shampoo” may seem strange to some of you, but believe us: It’s essential. Beard hair is different than the hair on top of your head, and it needs to be treated differently in the shower. That’s where our Beard Shampoo’s special cleansing and conditioning formula can help. Even better, pair that with our custom-made Body Wash, which will leave the rest of your giftee’s body feeling as clean as their whiskers. And no worries—our Body Wash won’t make their body hair grow faster. We only offer sell growth accelerators for beards. 

Man in Christmas costume

Beard Ornaments

Who says the Christmas tree is the only thing worth decorating for the holidays? These awesome Beard Ornaments will help your gift recipient bring the holiday cheer by highlighting one of their best features: That beard. With 12 Christmas balls and six jingle bells, their scruff can become the stuff of holiday party legend in no time. This may be one of those gifts you beard aficionados end up giving to yourself, but it’ll be totally worth it. Anyone’s whiskers will become the number-one source of holiday cheer when they rock these ornaments.

Beard Wax and Balms

We’ve discussed grooming and growing your beard already, but now we’re getting into the nitty-gritty of beard care. The right wax or balm can keep that mane growing fast and healthy for as long as you maintain it, and our Beard Wax, Beard Cream, and Beard Balms (both Cedar and Sandalwood) will help you clean, nourish, and shape your beard to your liking—all while making sure it continues to grow strong and solid. Anyone with some decent facial fuzz going will benefit from all of these products. 

Child in beard costume

Viking Hat/Beard Beanie for Kids 

While we wish our children could grow beards like ours from the moment they take their first steps, we know that’s not going to happen. All we can do is set the right example with our beards… by putting the little ones in this adorable knitted Viking helmet beanie, complete with its own yarn beard. Even the youngest tyke can go from being literally baby-faced into an epic Norse warrior by donning this simple hat. Plus, it’ll keep the kid him warm and protect as you venture into the cold weather. That makes this hat a no-brainer.