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How To Straighten Your Beard: Tools and Tips for Straightening Beard Hair

How To Straighten Your Beard: Tools and Tips for Straightening Beard Hair

Across the world, you'll find beards of all types and sizes. Every man's beard is unique, and we encourage the men in our community to experience their best beard possible. This is why we strive to provide all the necessary tools and information you need to grow your best beard.

Sometimes, however, we are plagued with this question: What if you're tired of the beard you were born with? It's a fair line of thought to follow because some men may be looking for a change in their style, and the beard they're touting just does not fit. Maybe it's the color or the thickness or the texture or the shape.

One of the most common concerns is how to straighten a beard. It could be curly or even wavy, but the fact of the matter is that straight beards are immensely easier to shape, and they pair with most modern styles. While we do think a strong, curly beard is something to be admired, everyone wants a change of pace, and that's what brought you here.

Before we dive into the tools and tips necessary to make this dream a reality, make sure you are certain this is the path for you. While straightening a beard is entirely possible, making it curly or wavy again afterward can be a challenge. That's why it's essential to straighten your beard with care.

Once you are sure, then you can start down the guideline we've laid out for you. The right tools, the right motivation, and a bit of elbow grease can get this job done. It's time to tame the jungle beard you've been growing up.

Tools and Tips 

Getting the look you desire will take some patience since straightening beard hair is much different than straightening the hair on top of your head. The strands are much coarser and tend to grow thick any way they want. 

While it's true that a hair straightener could potentially get the job done, we are going to ignore this device entirely since it is known for damaging hair. After months or even years of growing out your facial hair, that is the last thing you want. Quick fixes are rarely the answer!

We've put together all the different approaches to taming your mane. Before doing anything, though, take a shower and wash that beard with some Beard Shampoo and Conditioner.

Go through your normal routine and incorporate the following guidelines as you see fit. Give them a try and see which one works for you.

1. Brush

How to Straighten Your Beard: Tools and Tips for Straightening Beard Hair

Brushing out your beard hair is a tried and true method for straightening it, and this is true for beards as well. Since gravity is a cruel mistress, it may be best to brush your beard hair downward. This is the easiest direction to brush and will give you the most results.

As you brush it out, you'll notice that your facial hair is longer than you previously thought. The curliness tends to hide the actual length of individual hairs. This is an excellent chance to throw in some beard oil and balm, but we'll delve more into that later. 

The downward brushing movements help with the overall shape of your beard, as it will be much easier to create the look you're going for. Take the brush downward at an angle, going from the top of your beard toward your chin. There will be plenty of stubborn hairs that resist your brushing but don't stress about these. The other steps will handle them.

Shorter beards are notoriously more difficult to train since the hairs are still so close to their root. However, starting earlier on in the beard growth process will make it way easier. As your beard grows, consistent brushing will cause the hair to grow out in the direction you want, so using a Boar Bristle Beard Brush is a great practice if you're just starting.

2. Oil, Balm, and Wax

Oils, balms, and waxes are essential not only for beard growth but also for beard health. They hydrate, nourish, and style your beard in a way that leaves you looking better than ever. The sheen and feel of your beard after the application is fresh, to say the least.

Beard Balms work similarly to nourish, hydrate, and protect your beard. Furthermore, balms have a bit of extra hold to them and can keep some of the stray hairs down. Luckily, this works hand-in-hand with beard oil, so feel free to use them both.

For the hairs that are determined still to go their own way, grab some Mustache Wax and apply it liberally. Mustache wax gives you ultimate sculpting power and should help pull down even the most stubborn hairs. Wax can work alongside oil and balm. It even acts as a protectant against heat.

3. Blow Dryer: Should You Use It?

Tools that use heat are typically enemies to beards, and many bearded men refuse to heat-dry their facial hair. Heated tools like blow dryers tend to dehydrate your skin and hair to the point of major damage, so use caution when styling with them.

Luckily, there are ways to avoid damaging your skin and hair with a blow dryer, so let's take a look at those first. First off, set the blow dryer to its lowest temperature setting. Secondly, set the blow dryer to its lowest speed setting. Finally, make sure the blow dryer is about 15 centimeters (about six inches) from your face at all times.

This method is unlikely to damage your facial hair any more than air drying your beard. Still, limit your use of the blow dryer to one minute just to be safe. It is also important to move the blow dryer around and not focus it on only one spot.

While you have the blow dryer on, use a comb or brush to once again brush your beard hairs downward. Using oil, balm, or wax at this point will not only protect your beard and skin but also assist in the training of those stubborn hairs. Try to get an angle so that the hair dryer is pointed in the direction you are brushing.

4. Trim

How to Straighten Your Beard: Tools and Tips for Straightening Beard Hair

When you read the word "trim" right now, your heart may have skipped a beat. Don't worry, though; we're not suggesting any kind of massive trimming on that glorious beard you've worked so hard to grow. The purpose of this trimming is to cut off the biggest rebels in the bunch — those crazy stray hairs. 

Getting a clean line on your beard borders goes a long way, especially if your facial hair is on the curlier side. There will, however, be hairs that step out of line, and you should show these hairs no mercy. If any hairs will not stay down after trying everything else, then it's time to say goodbye to them.

Use a Precision Trimmer to cut from the outside toward the inside. This step helps shape the hair around your chin and get the manly look you want. Make sure to double-check you didn't miss any hairs along the sides.

Regular trimming is essential for training your beard, and it's a step we never skip.

The Finishing Touches: Make It Perfect


Once your facial hair is fully groomed, it's time to make any final tweaks necessary. The previous steps are focused on the actual physical training of your beard to make it adhere to the direction you choose, but this step is focused on giving the appearance that your beard grows in a certain direction.

Comb With Product

Grab a comb and your beard balm or wax, and get to work. First, it's time to reapply however much product you need. Even though you got rid of the biggest stray hairs with your trimmer, you still need to make sure any other stragglers get tamed. Beard balm or wax will do the trick here.

Apply the balm or wax throughout your facial hair by rubbing it between your fingers and stroking it down your beard. Then, grab the comb and style it to your liking. Once you feel satisfied with the state of your beard, you are ready to go out into the world.

Join the Club

How to Straighten Your Beard: Tools and Tips for Straightening Beard Hair

The entire beard-straightening routine we covered in today's article only takes five minutes to complete once you're used to it. The first couple of weeks of taming your beard may take a bit longer, but if you keep at it, keeping your beard looking clean will even become second nature.

The right products are everything, so make sure to check out our selection of beard care essentials. You deserve the best products for the best beard!


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