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How to Use Beard Balm: Step-By-Step Guide

How to Use Beard Balm: Step-By-Step Guide

What is beard balm, you may ask? Beard balm is one of the most versatile beard products on the market today. That’s because it’s packed with skin benefits while also being a boon to any beard. You can thank ingredients like shea butter and essential oils for beard growth for that.

We didn’t stutter when we said any beard.

Starter beards. Short beards. Medium beards. Long beards. Curly beards. Itchy beards. Suave-as-Idris-Elba beards. The dual-acting finesse of beard balm gives you both a moisturizer and a controller in one—for all beard styles.

How to Use Beard Balm Properly

You’ve come to the right place. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll walk you through everything from how to apply beard balm, how much beard balm to use, when to use it, and how to incorporate it into your routine.

Step 1: Prep Your Beard and Skin

The first step to starting out with beard balm is to prep your beard and the skin beneath it to ensure the product works its best. You’ll also want to take a moment to assess your beard and skin to make sure it’s well-suited for beard balm.

Check these boxes before applying your beard balm:

  • Clean your beard and face – Wash your beard and face with a face or beard wash. Make sure your beard and face are free of other products to avoid unwanted build-up.
  • Dry your beard and face completely – Beard balm is oil-based, so moisture will fight against it and weaken its hold capability. Towel or air dry your beard and skin after showering. You’ll want a completely dry canvas for this masterpiece.
  • Check for red or irritated skin – As with any other skin product, use caution when applying products to your skin when it’s irritated to avoid unwanted adverse reactions.

Step 2: Apply The Beard Balm

Once that handsome lower half of your face is clean, dry, and clear, you’re ready to apply the beard balm. It’s going to get to work right away on moisturizing before it shapeshifts into a tiny award-winning French sculptor to perfect the look. Oui oui.

The process takes:

  • Use the back of your thumbnail to scrape a pea-sized amount onto your thumb - Even if you’re rocking The Hagrid, trust us: start small. It’s much easier to add than to taketh away. Bonus: The backward scrape method prevents product from squatting under your nails.

  • Rub the balm between your fingertips - You need only do this for a few seconds until the balm warms. It will feel thin and oily at this point—and if you’ve scored yourself a favorable-smelling balm, like cedar or sandalwood, go ahead and take a nice, long whiff.

  • Gently massage the balm into your skin and beard hair with your fingers - The goal is to evenly distribute the product from root to tip. For longer beards, work your fingertips through from back to front, Wolverine style. Don’t be afraid to really massage that conditioning power into your skin. Pro Tip: use a beard brush to make sure the beard care product is evenly distributed throughout.

  • Sculpt and refine your beard - Once the balm is evenly distributed, it’s time to harness its sculpting power to style your beard. Pat and massage as needed to refine stray hair and shape focal points. If, at this point, your beard could use more hold, try adding a touch more balm.

  • Use a beard comb to complete the look - To seal in that buttery goodness, lightly work a beard comb through your beard. This will give it extra volume and flexibility while still maintaining its hold.

Step 3: Sculpt a Routine Like a Pro

You can see now why we say beard balm is truly for every beard and beard-graced occasion. It’s that easy. Now, all that’s left is to work your new beard balm mastery into your regular routine.

When to Use Beard Balm

Because beard balm is so easy and quick to use, you can really use it at any time. We love using beard balm daily in the morning for lotion-like moisture and a casual hold that glides through the day, but you can add it anytime you need more moisture or hold.

How Often to Use Beard Balm

This will vary depending on facial hair thickness, facial hair length, skin dryness, and lifestyle, so test to find the best frequency for you. Some use it daily, while others use it every couple of days. Regular use will help to keep your beard hair soft and manageable.

What Products to Pair with Beard Balm

Beard balm is so diverse that it often doesn’t need a lot of help. If you’ve got especially unruly hairs, you may want to couple beard balm with beard oil—sparingly. If your beard needs extra conditioning, use a beard cream or beard butter before the balm to enhance hydration. Using these men’s grooming products is a surefire way to combat beard itch, beard dandruff, ingrown facial hairs, and dry skin, while also promoting healthy beard growth.

The Proper Order for Using Beard Products

Building a proper beard care routine can be a bit challenging. It's not just about what you use, but also how you use it. The order in which you apply your beard products can make a world of difference in your grooming routine. 

In the previous section, we started talking about some of the heavy hitters in the beard grooming world — beard balm, beard oil, beard vitamin spray, beard cream, and beard butter. These are basically the Avengers of beard care, each with their own superpowers to help you achieve that glorious, well-groomed beard look that you've always wanted.

1. Cleanse & Dry Your Beard 

Start with a clean, dry canvas. Wash your beard with a gentle beard shampoo and pat it dry. No damp beards allowed here, my friends. We're going for the Goldilocks of beard dryness — not too dry, not too damp, just right.

2. Apply Beard Oil 

First up in our lineup is the beard oil. Use beard oil as your base layer, your foundation. High quality beard oils are designed to mimic the natural oils in your skin, keeping your beard and the skin beneath it well hydrated and free from beardruff flaking off. The amount of oil that you use is a personal preference, but a few drops of beard oil is all it takes. Put it in the palm of your hand, rub them together, and gently massage it into your beard and skin.

Step 3: Beard Balm Time 

Next up, we have the beard balm. Picture this as a leave-in conditioner for your beard, providing additional hydration and a light to medium hold for styling and taming flyaways. Some people try to save time by mixing beard oil and beard balm together. However, we strongly recommend that you apply them one at a time to ensure that you’re properly coating your beard in both. Scrape a small amount with the back of your thumbnail, rub it between your palms to warm it up, and then work it through your beard, from the root of the hair follicles to the tip of each hair.

It’s beard care. Not rocket science. Shop Now!

Step 4: Beard Vitamin Spray 

Think of the beard vitamin spray as your secret weapon to elite beard growth. These sprays are packed with essential nutrients designed to help your beard grow as strong as possible. Give your beard a good spritz of vitamins and make sure to evenly distribute the spray throughout your beard. You don’t want to risk missing any sport and be left with uneven hair growth. 

Step 5: Apply Beard Cream or Beard Butter 

Last but not least, we have beard cream or beard butter. Whichever one that you choose, both of these options provide a final layer of moisture and a stronger hold for styling. Apply it just like you did the balm, working it through your beard from root to tip and have your beard feeling better than it’s ever felt before. 

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