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Lumberjack Beard Styles: Top 5 Styles and Grooming Tips

Lumberjack Beard Styles: Top 5 Styles and Grooming Tips

Welcome aboard, gentlemen and beard enthusiasts! Whether you're an ax-swinging woodsman or an office-bound professional with a penchant for the wild, the lumberjack beard style is a statement of rugged manliness that never goes out of style. 

This article is your trusty compass, guiding you through the terrain of lumberjack beard styles and grooming tips. Get ready to navigate the thickets of beard care, where proper maintenance is your ax and bold styles are your towering redwoods.

What Is a Lumberjack Beard Style?

A lumberjack beard style, as the name suggests, takes its inspiration from the hearty lumberjacks of yore — men of the wild whose beards were as impressive as their log-felling prowess. This beard style embodies ruggedness, strength, and a certain outdoorsy charm that's hard to resist.

As a full beard, the lumberjack style is characterized by its substantial length and volume. Untrimmed and unabashedly full, this style exudes an air of raw masculinity. It's the call of the wilderness echoing from your face, the embrace of the natural and untamed. But don't let its wild appearance fool you; maintaining a lumberjack beard requires an understanding of proper beard care, an expedition we're about to embark on.

Top 5 Lumberjack Beard Styles

The lumberjack style is about encompassing your inner wilderness and strength. Imagine you grab your ax, go out into the woods, and spend the day cutting down trees to build yourself a cabin. What does that beard look like for you?

The Classic Full Beard

The classic full beard is the epitome of the lumberjack style. It's characterized by a full, dense beard that covers the cheeks, chin, and neck. The mustache seamlessly blends into the beard, with no discernible separation. 

When properly groomed, this style projects a rugged but controlled image, like a wilderness explorer ready for anything. To maintain it, regular washing and conditioning are essential. Quality beard oil will also help keep the beard healthy and shiny.

The Bandholz

Named after its popularizer, Eric Bandholz, this style is essentially a long, full beard combined with a connected mustache. What distinguishes it from the classic full beard is its length and volume. 

The beard grows not just long but also wide, giving it an impressive presence. The mustache is kept thick and often styled to match the beard's breadth. This style requires patience and a beard care routine, as it takes many months to achieve, but the results are a distinctive and powerful statement.

The Garibaldi

This beard style is for those who want the fullness of a lumberjack beard but prefer a more rounded appearance. The Garibaldi features a wide and full beard that rounds at the bottom and a mustache that blends into the beard. 

The maximum length is usually around 7-8 inches. This style has a natural, unforced appearance, perfect for those who wish to project a relaxed, laid-back vibe. Regular trimming helps maintain the shape, and a good beard balm will keep the hair soft and manageable.

The Verdi

The Verdi is a unique blend of sophistication and ruggedness. The beard is kept shorter and more rounded than the classic full beard, while the mustache is styled distinctly and often features a slight curl at the ends. 

This style allows for creativity and personalization, with the mustache serving as the centerpiece. Regular trimming and shaping are crucial, and a strong hold mustache wax is a must for maintaining the signature-styled mustache.

The Short Boxed Beard

For men who want to keep things tidy while still conveying a sense of ruggedness, the short boxed beard is an excellent choice. It’s a controlled, well-shaped beard style with definite lines and follows the jawline. 

It's not as dense or long as the other lumberjack styles, but it provides a neat and masculine aesthetic. Regular trimming is crucial for maintaining well-defined edges, and a good beard oil can keep the beard looking healthy and full.

Each of these lumberjack beard styles holds its unique charm and character. Select the one that best suits your personality and lifestyle, and remember, a well-groomed beard is a happy beard.

How Can I Grow a Lumberjack Beard?

Growing a lumberjack beard is a journey into the wilderness of patience and perseverance. Here's your roadmap:

  • Patience is Key: Understand that a genuine lumberjack beard takes time to grow. Don't get discouraged if your beard doesn't look like a lumberjack's within a few weeks. Remember, every forest starts with a single seed.

  • Healthy Lifestyle: Your beard is a reflection of your overall health. A balanced diet rich in vitamins (particularly biotin), regular exercise to boost testosterone (which aids in beard growth), and adequate sleep all contribute to healthier, fuller beard growth.

  • Resist the Urge To Trim: During the initial growth phase, resist the urge to trim or shape your beard. Let it grow naturally for at least four to six weeks. This allows your beard to grow evenly and gives you a better canvas to work with when it's time to shape it.

  • Skin Care: Don't neglect the skin underneath your beard. Regular exfoliation and moisturizing help prevent dryness and itchiness, ensuring healthier beard growth.

Grooming Tips for Lumberjack Beards

Lumberjack Beard Styles: Top 5 Styles and Grooming Tips

Maintaining your lumberjack beard is just as important as growing it. Here are some grooming tips to keep your beard looking its best:

  • Regular Washing: Keep your beard clean by washing it regularly with a gentle beard shampoo. This helps remove dirt, sweat, and excess oil, keeping your beard and skin healthy.

  • Conditioning: Apply a beard conditioner or beard oil after washing to keep your beard soft and manageable. These products also help moisturize the skin underneath your beard.

  • Regular Trimming: Despite the lumberjack beard being known for its untamed appearance, regular trimming helps maintain its shape and remove split ends. Use a good quality beard trimmer or scissors for this task.

  • Brush and Comb: Regularly brushing and combing your beard helps distribute oils evenly, prevents tangles, and keeps your beard looking neat and tidy.

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Growing and Maintaining a Lumberjack Beard

Growing and maintaining a lumberjack beard can be an adventurous endeavor. However, along the journey, one may encounter some pitfalls. Avoid these common mistakes to ensure your beard grows healthy and robust:

  1. Not being patient: As mentioned earlier, beard growth takes time. You cannot rush nature. Give your beard the time it needs to grow fully.

  2. Neglecting Hygiene: Just because the lumberjack style exudes a rough and rugged vibe doesn't mean your hygiene should match. Regular washing and conditioning are vital to a healthy beard.

  3. Ignoring the skin: Your beard's health is directly related to the health of your skin. Make sure to exfoliate and moisturize your skin regularly, and don't forget sunscreen if you're spending time outdoors! When using products such as soaps or conditioners on your face, you may have adverse effects, in which case, try changing to a different product or consult your doctor.

  4. Not trimming regularly: Even though a lumberjack beard is known for its wild and free look, regular trimming is necessary to maintain its shape and remove split ends on your beard.

Embrace Your Inner Tree Cutter

The lumberjack beard style is a tribute to the rugged, outdoor lifestyle. It's more than just facial hair; it's a symbol of strength, patience, and a connection to nature. 

With the right care and grooming routine, you can achieve the iconic lumberjack look and make a bold, audacious statement. So, whether you're a full-beard novice or a seasoned beard veteran, try one of these lumberjack styles and embrace the wild within you!

Ready to embark on your journey to a perfect lumberjack beard? Visit The Beard Club’s online store to find the finest range of beard care products to assist you. From nourishing beard oils and moisturizing balms and a specially designed electric beard trimmer, we have everything you need to get started and maintain your rugged, handsome look. Join the league of men who've discovered the allure of the lumberjack beard today!


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