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How To Grow a Beard: 6 Pro Tips To Start Your Beard Journey

How To Grow a Beard: 6 Pro Tips To Start Your Beard Journey

Growing a beard is a rite of passage for many. At The Beard Club, we understand that the journey to achieving that illustrious beard is a mix of science, art, and a bit of rugged patience. Whether you're aiming for a light stubble or a full Gandalf, your facial hair journey starts with understanding the foundations of beard growth. 

Ready to learn more? Let's unlock the secrets to turning those whiskers into a majestic mane that's nothing short of legendary.

What Does Beard Growth Depend On?

Ever wondered why some guys can grow a thick beard effortlessly while others might struggle to fill in the patches? Well, it’s not all down to luck. Beard growth is influenced by a couple of key factors that might just make you look at your beard buddy with a new level of respect.

Genetics: The Blueprint of Your Beard

Yes, your DNA plays a key role in beard growth. Genetics determine the thickness of your beard, the pattern it follows, and how full it can become. You might inherit the ability to grow a thick, even beard, or you might find that your beard tends to grow more sparsely.

Hormones: The Growth Fuels

Testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) are the main hormones responsible for the development of male facial hair. Higher levels of these can lead to denser beard growth. It's why your beard really starts to come in during puberty. However, more isn’t always better — the sensitivity of your hair follicles to these hormones also matters, which is, again, thanks to your genes.

Health and Nutrition: The Support System

Think of your body as a garden. Your beard is just one of the plants in it. Just like any plant needs good soil to grow, your beard needs a healthy body. A balanced diet rich in vitamins A, E, and B, minerals like zinc and iron, and plenty of proteins helps support hair growth. Moreover, ensuring you hydrate well can maintain healthy skin and hair.

How Should You Prepare Your Skin for Growing a Beard?

Before you even think about letting that beard blossom, there's some groundwork to be laid. Just like a skilled painter prepares his canvas, you need to prep your skin for the masterpiece that is your beard. Here's how to make sure your facial terrain is primed and ready for optimal beard growth.

Start With a Clean Slate

Your face is where your beard will live, so give it a home it would be proud of. Begin with a thorough cleanse to remove any buildup of oils, dirt, and dead skin that could inhibit growth. Using our Beard & Face Wash can kickstart your routine with a clean that doesn’t strip away essential moisture. It's the first step in ensuring that your facial hair grows over a healthy, clean foundation.

Exfoliate for Excellence

Dead skin cells can clog pores and complicate the natural growth of facial hair, making your beard journey a bumpy ride. Gentle exfoliation a few times a week can help clear the path for your incoming bristles. This helps in reducing ingrown hairs and improves blood flow to your face, which is pretty important for nourishing those soon-to-be beard hairs.

Moisturize to Minimize Irritation

Beard itch is a common complaint among the bearded and the growing. Hydrating your skin with a good moisturizer lays down a layer of comfort for your skin. Our Riptide Beard Spray acts as a boost of hydration that prepares your skin to support a healthy beard. Rich in natural oils and soothing agents, it can help minimize the itchiness often associated with the early stages of beard growth.

Prime With Oils

Incorporating beard oil into your routine even before your beard fully comes in can condition the skin and prepare it for the texture of new hair. Our original Beard Oil is ideal for this — it's designed to soften and tame the beard but starts its work at the roots by conditioning the skin beneath. This early introduction of beard oil helps manage dry skin and sets the stage for a soft, manageable beard right from the start.

What Are the Top 6 Tips To Kickstart Your Beard Journey?


Now that your skin is prepped and ready for action, it’s time to launch into the thick — or thin — of starting your beard journey. Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned beard grower looking for a fresh start, each phase of your beard growth requires a unique touch of care. Here are some pro tips to help you cultivate the beard of your dreams.

1. Establish a Consistent Care Routine

To lay the foundation for a great beard, consistency is key. Start with a routine that includes daily washing and conditioning. Our Beard Shampoo has a battle-ready formula designed to tackle grime without stripping your skin of its natural fortitude. 

Post-cleanse, apply our Beard Balm to soften the hair and make it more manageable. This regular upkeep prevents common beard woes and keeps your skin and hair in peak condition.

2. Understand and Shape According to Your Face

Shaping your beard to enhance your face is key. Know your face shape — be it round, oval, square, or heart — and understand which beard style flatters it most. 

Carving your beard according to your face shape can accentuate your jawline and strengthen your features. Use tools like our Electric Beard Trimmer to define sharp cheeklines and a clean neckline, which is essential for a polished look.

3. Boost Growth Internally

What happens inside your body can significantly affect your beard's health and growth. Incorporating Beard Growth Vitamins into your daily routine can provide your body with essential nutrients needed to encourage beard growth. These supplements are packed with biotin and other beard-supporting vitamins that bolster hair strength and density. Remember, a healthy inside reflects on the outside.

4. Tackle the Challenges Head-On

Every beard grower will face a few hurdles on their journey. For those dealing with patchy spots, style your beard in a way that complements what you naturally can grow. Our Beard Growth Oil can help stimulate growth in thinner areas, making your beard appear fuller over time. 

Additionally, keep beardruff at bay by moisturizing the skin underneath with a spritz of our Riptide Beard Spray, ensuring your skin and beard remain flake-free.

5. Set Realistic Goals and Be Patient

Growing a beard is a commitment and requires patience and realism. Understand that achieving the full, thick beard of your dreams might take months or even longer. Set realistic milestones and celebrate small victories, like achieving a softer texture or a more even growth pattern. 

Keep consistent with your grooming routine, adjusting as needed to suit your beard’s growth and your skin’s response.

6. Stay Educated and Adapt

As you progress in your beard-growing journey, stay informed about the best practices and latest grooming trends. Read up, watch tutorials, and maybe even consult a barber to refine your technique. 

Your beard will change as it grows — what worked at one inch may not work at three. Adapt your care routine to include new products or grooming habits as necessary to keep your beard looking its best.

Which Beard Style Matches Your Vibe?

mugshots of man in different beard cuts

You've put in the work and grown out a splendid beard, but the journey doesn't stop here. It's time to sculpt that wilderness into a style that suits your vibe and complements your face shape. 

Whether you're contemplating a rugged full beard or a tidy goatee, each beard style offers its own unique flair and set of perks. Let's get into some of the most iconic beard styles and find the one that’ll have you looking your sharpest.

Full Beard: The Classic Showstopper

Amp up the volume with a full beard that covers the jawline, cheeks, and chin. This style is a favorite among those who can cultivate thick, even growth, providing a powerful statement of masculinity. 

Ideal for square or round faces, it balances your features with its natural heft. Maintain your skin’s health beneath all that hair with a solid skincare regimen, ensuring that both your beard and the skin underneath stay hydrated and flake-free.

Goatee: Precision and Personality

Center the spotlight on your chin with a goatee, which can include a mustache, or just focus on the chin with precision-trimmed hair. It's an excellent option for adding definition or softening sharper facial features. Tailor your goatee with regular upkeep using a precision beard trimmer, and keep the lines defined to accentuate your best facial attributes.

Beardstache: Where Bold Meets Balanced

Mixing a thick mustache with a shorter beard or stubble, the beardstache is perfect for those who want to make a statement without the full beard bulk. This style is adaptable across various face shapes and highlights a well-groomed mustache as the centerpiece of your look. Manage this style with a dedicated routine that includes a quality beard brush to tame flyaways and keep your stache prominent.

Long Beard: The Commitment King

For those committed to the long game, a flowing beard can be a majestic sight. Best suited for oval and rectangular face shapes, long beards add gravitas and a touch of wisdom to your look. It requires diligent care, frequent conditioning, and regular brushing to prevent tangles and keep it looking regal.

Sideburns: The Frame Game

Defining your facial structure doesn’t always involve a full beard. Well-groomed sideburns can enhance your face's natural lines, working exceptionally well for those with longer faces by adding the desired width. Maintain symmetry and sharpness in your sideburns with regular trimming to keep your look clean and structured.

The Perfect Stubble: Low Maintenance, High Impact

The stubble beard might be the way to go if you prefer a more understated facial hair style or if you're dealing with uneven growth. This style can sharpen and define features with minimal effort. It's universally flattering and particularly effective for adding definition to rounder faces. Keep your stubble looking intentional and neat with regular trims and light skincare to avoid irritation.

A Final Word

man trimming his beard in front mirror

Wrapping up your beard journey isn't just about crossing the finish line — it's about cruising there with style and confidence. At The Beard Club, we encourage everyone to grow the perfect beard that's uniquely yours. With the right tools, techniques, and a bit of swagger from our expert guidance, you're well on your way to crafting your signature look. 

So, keep it rugged, keep it sleek, but above all, make it yours. Here’s to good beards and even better adventures ahead! Keep it growing, and keep it groomed because the best beard is the one that makes you feel like the bold individual you are.

While you’re here, check out our full line of beard products. Support your luscious mane today!


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