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How to Start Growing a Beard

How to Start Growing a Beard

So, you're a newcomer to beards. Maybe you've never worn one before, or maybe you’re just years out of practice. Whatever the case, you can no longer fight the inevitable. The urge to grow some manly whiskers has taken over.

Don't worry, we've all been there. No matter how long we’ve been wearing our beards, ultimately we’ve all had to start from zero. The question is, how do you get from zero to bearded glory? The journey to growing a beard is different for everyone, but these basic tips and tricks are a great universal starting point. We promise, it'll be painless—and we’ll do our best to make the process quick, too.

man with shave cream on beard

Start Off Fresh

If you're growing your first beard, you don't want to get your start from a patchy, ill-shaven mess of scruff. It’s almost always best to begin a new beard from a completely clean-shaven state to help get things going. If you don't shave down to “babyface” status before you kick off your quest, you’re more likely to find your whiskers growing in as a rough, uneven mess. It may seem counterintuitive, but it's true. The best way to achieve an optimal beard is to take it all off and start from nothing.

Man trimming his beard with electric trimmer

Grow It in Evenly

Everyone’s beard grows in differently. And the simple fact is that even guys who have been blessed with thick, fast-growing facial follicles are going to find a few spots where their hair develops at a different rate than the rest. It can take a few days or even a few weeks for all of your facial hair to even up and start to each a consistent length. This is especially noticeable when you get a fresh start on growing a beard. During the early days of your beard adventure, minor variations in your hair quality or thickness will be especially visible.

Your beard may run afoul of a few obvious trouble spots. If that’s the case, you may find it’s a good idea to shave your stubble back down to the skin a few times every couple of days in order to encourage faster growth and give your whiskers a chance to even up. Our Beard Growth Vitamins can also give you a leg up at overcoming these challenges. They help promote faster, fuller hair growth.

Even then, it’s possible you may never reach a point where your facial hair grows in evenly all around. Don’t be discouraged! Once you start growing, you simply need to work around the rough patches by taking an active role in keeping things even. Every two days or so, you’ll want to trim the areas that grow faster than the rest. Yes, this means you’ll have to wait a little longer to embark upon the road to bearded excellence. But it's like they say: Good things (and good growth) comes to those who wait.  

mugshots of man in different beard cuts

Pick A Shape

Once you've reached a point where your facial hair is growing in full and even, you’ll want to pick a style to aim for. There are so many styles of beard out there that it can be tough picking the one you want for yourself! Obviously, you’ll want to grow a beard whose shape flatters your own looks, but you’ll also want to consider a few other factors before you start defining your beard for good.

What kind of style makes sense for your workplace and day-to-day life? If you’re an athlete or work around industrial devices, you’ll probably want to avoid a long, loose beard that could get in the way or get caught in machinery. Also, how much daily upkeep do you want to deal with? How much of a visual impact are you looking to make—is your beard about complementing your appearance, or is it there to be seen and make a statement? Once you’ve figured out considerations like this and picked the right beard and mustache wax for sculpting, you’ll be able to set your style goals.

Care for Your Skin and Beard

Once you’ve hit equilibrium with your beard and have a look in mind, you’ll need to start thinking about how to keep your beard and the skin beneath it healthy. The key to keeping your face and facial hair alike in peak condition is to care for them daily. We offer a Growth Vitamin Spray that hydrates and nourishes your beard with essential vitamins while also making it more manageable. You can combine this treatment with our Growth Oil and Growth Vitamins as well. These products keep your beard soft and strong even as they work wonders for the skin underneath.

man trimming his beard in front mirror


Before you know it, you should have a beard to inspire envy in everyone who sees it. Getting started is the hardest part! Once you’ve achieved peak beard, your biggest concern will be to maintain your look. You'll want to keep everything trimmed in order to keep your looks in fighting condition. The Beard Club offers all sorts of beard brushes and combs to help keep your beard neat and tidy, as well as beard trimming scissors if you're feeling up to handling your own trimming duties.

We told you it would be easy! Don't be afraid to go for the beard you want. It's all about experimentation and working from the results you discover. Follow the steps above and you shouldn't have any issues at all. And once you’re finally rocking that amazing beard, send us some before-and-after pics on our social channels. We'd love to see how far you've come!