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Beard Grooming: A Daily Checklist

Beard Grooming: A Daily Checklist

Life is often a manic mix of chaos and hustle. Each day can bring a mountain of new tasks to accomplish before you can even consider resting your weary head. Keeping up with the running series of things to tackle can be overwhelming. We’ve all had those moments where we want to hide under the covers and call in sick if only to get a few hours of peace and quiet. But while you might be okay with snoozing the day away, your beard won’t have it!  No matter how you’re feeling, those whiskers are going to keep growing. Simply put, your beard doesn’t know when to quit. It’s time to take some inspiration from your whiskers’ tireless ability to always push on and to make sure you’re keeping up with it in your quest to help it achieve greatness. Wearing an incredible-looking beard can help motivate you: When you look good, you feel good! While your beard is more than capable of taking the lead in getting the lead out, there are still some tasks you’ll have to handle yourself in order help your mane look as good as it makes you feel. Once your beard becomes the best version of itself, it will inspire you as you take on your daily challenges. But just how can you keep your whiskers looking their best? The secret is to adopt a daily grooming routine. To help you along, we’ve put together a handy checklist for facial hair maintenance. The process is surprisingly simple, and it’ll help take your beard game to never-before-seen levels of manliness.
Bearded man writing on notebook

1. Wash It

This one should be a no-brainer. You wouldn’t wear a dirty, wrinkled shirt to work while climbing to the top of the corporate ladder. Why would you do any differently with your beard? Get yourself some of our Beard Shampoo and give that mane a good scrubbing. The first step to achieving the ultimate beard is having one that always looks freshly and lovingly washed.
Man combing his beard

2. Comb It

Once you’ve thoroughly washed and dried your beard, use a Beard Comb or Beard Brush to shape it. Your facial hair gets matted down and loses its fullness as the day wears on, so after a while, it no longer really displays its proper shape and length. A good combing following a wash helps restore its body and gives you an accurate sense of how much beard you actually need to groom. Once you have a concrete sense of your facial growth, you can tackle the next step in beard grooming.
Man getting his beard cut in a salon

3. Trim It

Note that you almost definitely don’t need to do this daily. Once your beard has been combed out, take a step back and look in the mirror. Do you like how your beard is shaping up under its own steam, or could it use some pruning? Every beard, no matter how kept or bushy, needs a trim every now and then—yeah, even the big ol’ Grizzly Adams beards. Start off by taking note of stray hairs, then trim them down so they look nice and tidy by using Beard Scissors or some clippers. From there, you can go the next step in your trimming. Figure out a length and shape that feels right for you and sculpt that beard.  Remember, trim carefully. You can always go back over a lengthy beard a second time, but you can’t put back facial hair you’ve cut too short. It may take a few sessions to sort out a trimming routine that works best for you, but so long as you have patience and stick with it, you’ll come out looking better than ever.

4. Use an Oil or a Balm 

We’re nearing the end of your beard regimen, but we’ve saved some of the most important steps for last. After combing and potentially trimming your beard, you absolutely need to use Beard Oil or Beard Balm as a finishing touch. These products will not only help keep your beard in place throughout the day, but they’ll also provide your facial hair and its underlying skin with hydration and nourishment that help promote growth. These essentials are the one-two punch your beard needs in order to stay in tip-top shape. The results you’ll see from each will be quite noticeable, and you’ll find yourself wondering why you haven’t used them all along.

5. Comb It (Again)

You’ve washed, dried, trimmed, and rejuvenated your beard. The final step is as easy as it gets: Take your comb and do one more pass-through of your beard. Untangle the whiskers that have become worked up throughout the process, spread out the hairs to make for an even look, and work your product evenly through your beard one last time.  There you go. What you see now is your beard in its final form. Do you hear birds singing and chords of angelic music playing in the background? Don’t worry, you’re not cracking up. When you make use of our recommended beard care regimen, those effects are absolutely normal.
Man applying beard oil

6. Maintain a Vigil and Live Strong

While the bulk of your grooming efforts should be concentrated into the morning, you'll want to keep on top of your beard's condition throughout the day. No point in taking the time to spruce yourself up only to let your looks wither a few hours later, right? Fortunately, that's not too difficult. Use a Beard Comb to work out any stray food fragments you pick up at lunch, and if you spot any flyaway hairs sticking out from your face, calm them with a dab of Beard Cream. Once your day begins to wind down, you'll want to settle in for the night with an application of Beard Oil. If you're the kind of guy who prefers to shower at night, you'll want to make use of the washing and care tips above... but if you bathe more than once a day, you'll actually want to skip your beard the second time ’round. Otherwise, you run the risk of causing your skin to dry out and your whiskers to become fragile. Yeah, there really can be too much of a good thing.

Hand with pen going through a checklist

Once you have your perfect beard in place, though, it’s going to be impossible for anyone else to hold you down. That early-morning urge to hide beneath the covers will be replaced by a newfound determination to share your great looks with the whole world. You’ll want to get out there and show off your amazing facial hair to anyone you can find. That includes the gang at work, your family and friends, and perhaps that special someone you’ve been eyeing. Chances are you’ll impress every single person you come across. It’ll make for one hell of a confidence-booster, so let those good waves carry through to all other areas of your life. Time to show everyone what you and your beard can really do!