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Do Beard Growth Kits Work - And If So, How?

Do Beard Growth Kits Work - And If So, How?

Know what Chris Hemsworth, Idris Elba, and Ken Watanabe have in common? In addition to packing punches at the box office, they’ve all sported beards that hit harder than Thor’s right hooks.

While you may never get the chance to play a seriously scruffy superhero, that doesn’t mean you can’t grow a beard that would make Thor turn his head. But do beard growth kits actually work? 

The answer is yes.

A beard growth kit is more than an assemblage of men’s grooming and growth products. It’s a kit that includes the best beard products in one easy package—so you can combine them all in an even more powerful beard growth routine.

What Is a Beard Growth Kit?

In many ways, a beard growth kit is the facial equivalent of a bartender’s jigger set. 

Just as you need a jigger, stirrer, and strainer to make a negroni, so too do you need various products to realize your full facial hair potential. 

These products may include:

  • Oils
  • Vitamins
  • Shampoos
  • Derma rollers
  • Brushes
  • Trimming tools

Beard growth tip: using these products together is called beard growth cocktailing. Cocktailing creates a beard growth experience better than the sum of its parts.

Cocktails Aren’t Just for Bartenders

When we say “cocktail,” of course, we refer to the harmonious combination of different ingredients, products, and tools within your beard growth kit.

In short, each product in your beard growth “cocktail” plays a role in the beard-growing process. These roles include:1

  • Growth – Before you can sport a beard that would make a 19th-century saloon keeper jealous, you have to grow your beard. Growth products work by helping to stimulate dormant hair follicles. These products can also reanimate stagnant hairs.

  • Hygiene – Without proper hygiene, your new beard can go from cool and seductive to cringe-worthy and suspect quicker than you can say “shampoo.” Hygiene products help your beard stay clean and keep on growing.

  • Maintenance – If you want to look like Tom Hanks in Castaway, don’t maintain your beard and strike up a conversation with a volleyball. However, if you want your beard to look as good as possible, proper maintenance is key. Beard maintenance products help you look less like a castaway and more like a catch.

  • Beard growth kits work by facilitating these roles simultaneously. That way, you can grow your beard while cleaning and maintaining it. 

    Let’s break down each of these roles further by focusing on each purpose and how the products work together. 

    Products for Beard Growth

    At the heart of most beard growth kits are the growth products themselves. You can think of these as the base of your beard growth cocktail. They’re there to support beard growth and create a healthy foundation of hair follicles.

    In general, the beard growth cycle is a process involving five distinct stages:2

    • Stage one (“the stubbly stage”) 1 week
    • Stage two (“the coming in stage”) – 2-4 weeks
    • Stage three  (“the blooming beard stage”) 1-2 months
    • Stage four (“the Viking/full glory stage) 2-3 months
    • Stage five (“the bearded god stage”) 4 months

    Growth products are most helpful during the first stage of the beard growth journey (the stubbly stage), though they can also assist during stage two (the coming in stage), and even into stage three (the blooming beard stage).2

    To stimulate growth, the best beard growth kits contain the following products:

    • Vitamins
    • Oils
    • Derma rollers

    Each product can improve growth by stimulating the most important beard component: the healthy hair follicle. But the exact details and ingredients of those products matter, too.

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    Many studies suggest that a lack of essential vitamins and minerals can drastically impede hair growth.4 As a result, many growth kits include products containing beard-supporting supplements and multivitamins.

    These may include:

    • Vitamin D – Studies have found vitamin D to be a particularly effective supplement for hair growth in general.3 In short, vitamin D strengthens the immune system, which in turn supports the hair follicle’s sebaceous gland—a necessary organ in the hair growth process.
    • Biotin – Also known as vitamin B7, biotin has been shown to improve facial hair growth by increasing the production of keratin, a protein that constitutes the building block of hair follicles.4
    • MSM – Valued for its anti-inflammatory properties, MSM is a sulfur-rich compound that can increase hair growth by stimulating keratin production.5

    Although facial hair grows, on average, 0.5 inches per month, this growth is subject to a lot of variables—most notably the health of your skin and hair follicles.2 

    Beard growth vitamins and minerals can help create the best conditions for hair growth by improving your overall health.


    Beard growth oil is a staple of any beard care routine. Similar to vitamins, hair growth oils can inspire beard hair growth by augmenting the power of the hair follicle. Unlike vitamins, however, beard oil can also hydrate your skin, battling dreaded beard itch and turning your burgeoning beard into a thing of glistening beauty. 

    Does beard growth oil work? Put simply, yes, and it’s due to the powerful oils found in beard oil formulas. The most common beard oils in beard growth kits include:

  • Castor oil Castor oil is a must-have in any beard growing regimen. That’s because this castor seed derivative can reduce lipids that prevent hair growth.6 Moreover, castor oil has been shown to fight bacteria that destroy hair follicles.

  • Coconut oil Like castor oil, coconut oil hydrates the skin, has anti-inflammatory properties, and fights bacteria harmful to hair follicles. Coconut oil is also useful in the rehabilitation of split ends.

  • Rather than provide individual oils, many beard growth kits include a product that blends several helpful oils so you can experience the best beard oil benefits. Some of the best beard growth kits even include
    growth vitamin sprays which combine the nourishing power of vitamins and the hydration of oils.

    Derma Rollers

    If anyone finds themselves asking, “Do beard growth products work?” they probably haven’t tried the microneedling magic of derma rollers.

    A derma roller, or beard roller, is a beard growth product that contains tiny needles capable of piercing the skin to stimulate beard hair growth. In addition to helping circulate blood flow around the base of the hair follicle, derma rollers can help to:7

    • Increase collagen production
    • Revive dormant hair follicles
    • Promote stem-cell growth

    Derma rollers can be most effective during the third stage of the beard growth process. That’s because they can help to decrease the patchiness associated with beards that aren’t coming in uniformly. If you’ve got a patchy beard or are experiencing other beard growth issues, a beard roller may be just what you’re missing. 

    Advanced Beard Growth Kit

    Products for Beard Hygiene

    Promoting hygiene is the second role beard kits play in facial hair growth. Without proper hygiene, your beard can become dirtier and dryer than a tumbleweed in an old Western.

    To keep your beard happy, healthy, and growing, beard kits typically include a beard wash, specifically designed for facial hair.

    Common ingredients in beard wash include:

    • Oils (coconut, castor, etc.)
    • Extracts (aloe vera, rosemary, etc.)
    • Vitamins (vitamin A, vitamin E, etc.)
    • Antibacterial cleansers

    Given their hydrating, antibacterial qualities, beard shampoos can increase the power of beard oils

    What’s more, beard shampoos are perfect for beards in stage four of growth (“the Viking/full glory stage”). 

    In this stage, your beard may be close to looking straight out of a magazine for 10th century Northmen, but may have stopped just a hair short. Shampoos provide that extra push for beards to reach their glorious potential.

    Products for Beard Maintenance

    Maintenance is the final role beard kits play in growing a beard approved by facial hair aficionados everywhere.

    Maintenance is most necessary during stages four and five of the hair growth cycle, but having a solid maintenance routine is important at every step of the journey.

    To help you maintain your impressive scruff, many beard kits contain:

  • Beard Trimmers – Trimmers are like a sculptor's chisels. They put the finishing touches on a beard by ridding it of stray hairs and smoothing out uneven lines. Trimmers are a must if you want to shape up your facial hair, not shave it completely.

  • Beard Combs and Beard Brushes – With fullness comes great responsibility. This responsibility involves detangling your beard so that oils can be evenly distributed throughout. Beard combs and beard brushes also keep your beard looking its best by removing food after a meal or dirt after a hard day’s work.

  • Anybody wondering “Do beard growth kits really work” may be focused on the growth stage—but proper maintenance is just as important. Without the occasional trim and brush, you might have a full beard, but it’ll look like Rip Van Winkle’s after a twenty-year sleep.

    How Should I Use the Products?

    Okay, say you have a beard kit filled with an amazing cocktail of cool products—but is there an order to follow when using the products?

    The answer is yes.

    While different beard kits may come with different products, most kits suggest using the products in the following order for maximum results:

    1. Take the vitamins in your kit and wash your face.
    2. Oil your skin and apply vitamin spray until your skin is hydrated.
    3. Use the derma roller on your beard twice a week to stimulate hair follicles.
    4. Trim excess hairs as needed.
    5. Brush your beard to tame stray hairs and shape it up.

    By following these steps, you can achieve the beard of your dreams and put the question of “do beard growth kits work” finally to bed. 

    The Beard Club: Bold Kits for Bolder Beards

    Beard growth kits work by combining the powers of growth, hygiene, and maintenance into one easy-to-use kit. Kapow!

    That said, not every growth kit does the work of a superhero. For the best in beard growth, there’s only The Beard Club. 

    With three kits filled with products designed to grow, groom, and get heads turning, The Beard Club supports you at all stages of your beard growth conquest.

    Welcome to The Beard Club. Your full beard is waiting.


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