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The 3-Factor Formula to Start Growing Your Beard (Start Immediately!)

The 3-Factor Formula to Start Growing Your Beard (Start Immediately!)

Can’t grow a beard that you’re proud of?

Every man knows how difficult it can be to try and grow a stylish, dense, and well-groomed beard.

Even with the right genes, it takes care, attention, and most importantly patience.

The truth is, every guy can grow a great beard if they use these products & methods.

Let's get into it. 

What is the 3-Factor Formula

After mastering the craft of grooming and trimming for well over a decade, we’ve finally cracked the code of growing the perfect beard at home.

No doctors or prescriptions needed.

Just applying these 3 factors will allow you to grow a beard, groom it to your advantage, and take good care of it for the rest of your life.

The first factor of growing a beard is patience.

Realize that it’s like taking care of a house plant. You are not doing anything actively. You are just pouring enough water on it, making sure that the soil is well supplemented, and waiting for it to grow on it’s on.

Growing a beard is kind of the same thing.

The process is already happening. You are just making sure that it’s going well.

The second factor is trimming.

You’d be surprised to see how a man’s outlook can change only by getting his facial hair trimmed strategically.

The key word here was “strategically.”

Because let’s be honest, if you are reading this, you might not have the best particular genes.

Even though you can still grow a great beard with the right supplementation, there is still the element of trimming that plays a huge role.

Trimming can get a man who looks like your average chump to look like the chaddiest creature on earth.

While trimming, you need to aim getting these 2 things done right:

  1. Getting your beard to look symmetrical.
  2. And getting your jawline look more defined.
Beard Growth

These 2 simple trimming details alone is enough to go on with the rest of your grooming schedule for the rest of your line.

Just make sure you are using a quality roller.

The third factor is supplementation.

Just like a house plant needs its water, your beard needs its oils, vitamins and minerals to grow healthy and strong.

You don’t have to do anything more than that. Just make sure your beard is fed and well-trimmed.

After trying out different configurations and experimenting them on countless men for over a decade, we had finally cracked the Krabby Patty Secret Formula of growing a magnificent beard.

With this perfect recipe, you can grow a healthy, strong, and dense beard with just 10 minutes a day!

The key is consistency.

You can make a great entrance by simply using our Growth Kit on the Starter Level.

And our Advanced Kit is guaranteed to get your beard growing.

But the results are apparent only after consistent use.

Do not let procrastination and lack of attentiveness stand in your way to having  a great beard!

And for you to get started, we as The Beard Club decided to throw in a huge discount for a limited amount of time.

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Think about how far you can go if you’d just spend 10 minutes of your days!