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Prepare Your Beard For Special Occasions

Prepare Your Beard For Special Occasions

Bearded man holding coffee
There are certain occasions in life when we're required to be neat and prepared (or when it's at least helpful). Let's examine a few of these these events and discuss how a bearded man should get ready:

Job Interview 

Most bearded brothers can admit that they're not always looking their neatest. The dreaded bed beard wakes up with us, and we occasionally shrug it off. No guy will admit to a"bad hair day"— We just throw on a hat, and sometimes the beard gets ignored. When heading into a job interview, always make sure to have applied the usual routine of beard oils and balms. The pantheon of Bearded Gods see all — and they know if you haven't been a good bearded acolyte with your oils and such!
Man with beard ready for interview holding a paper
In addition to your daily grooming, it wouldn't be a bad idea to get an upkeep trim. Don't take out the hedge whackers and leave your face an orphan. Keep the beard intact — just clean it up. Take heed of our bearded occupations and see what to do if you're iffy about the best course of action to take here.

Date or Night Out 

Whether it's a date out with the Missus or a round out with the guys, you need to make sure your beard is ready to roll and prepared for whatever is thrown at it. Sometimes beards can pick up odors if food isn't wiped off fast enough. Don't let it linger — put your napkin to work. Remember to shower and throw on some beard shampoo before heading out too. Do a one-two in the mirror and make sure everything is good all over. Don't be self conscious of bringing the comb with you either — You may wake up in uncharted territory in the morning, and you'll want to be prepared for a great escape. Beard out.

Dental Appointment 

This is something only true beard aficionados will realize is an issue. Beards can act as a drape over your mouth and cause some trouble for dental work. It's not that major, but it can be a nuisance. Dentists can be rough around the mouth, and those latex gloves can pull hairs out.

Man with heard looking himself on a mirror with big smile

The only man allowed to pull hairs is the beard owner! If you want to make sure your beard stays safe, then load up on the balm or wax beforehand. Areas of interest here include the mustache and sometimes the side of the beard. Control these areas and be prepared for the worst. There's plenty of other important occasions when it's vital to keep your beard on point. Your best bet is to devote yourself to a faithful routine of beard maintenance with the right beard products so your facial hair is ready for anything.