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Six Great Styles To Try With Our New Pt45 Beard Trimmer

Six Great Styles To Try With Our New Pt45 Beard Trimmer

Here at The Beard Club we've been working hard to bring you the new PT45 Beard Trimmer, and now that it’s finally here you might have a burning question or two. Specifically, what epic beard styles can this newest member of The Beard Club family help me to achieve once it arrives at my door? Honestly, you’re only limited by your own imagination, but here are a few style ideas - and how best to use the trimmer for each one - to get you started.

Royale Beard

Man with royale beard touching his hair

This simple look, keeping beard and mustache separate in classic swashbuckling style, won’t give your new trimmer any trouble at all, as the nimble double blades of the PT45 can maneuver around the chin and mustache areas with ease. Pick the blade setting and trim excess facial hair away until only the mustache and chin hair are left, use a guide to get that down to your preferred length, then shave and edge your face carefully. Make sure not to go too fast, but this is a forgiving style so if this is your first time using a beard trimmer, this is a great way to learn the ropes. The result is a crisp, clean look shaped to perfection, one sure to impress your friends and co-workers.

Boxed Beard

Man touching his box beard with tilted head

As a full-face look, the traditional Boxed Beard will put the PT45 to work, but the 3-hour battery life at full charge means it’s certainly up to the task whether at home or on the go. The key to this look is making sure the outside lines of the beard are crisp, a task the trimmer can take with ease. As long as you keep symmetry in mind while shaving the excess hair away, the trimmer can finish the job with clean and precise beard lines worthy of any barbershop. This is a great option to help you get familiar with the trimmer, as it’s a simple look that uses the whole face, so you can experiment and see which of the 45 trim lengths will work best for you.


Man with chinstrap beard smiling

The chinstrap look is one that relies on rigid, exact grooming in order to get correct; one false swipe with a razor or trimmer and the entire look goes right down the drain. As the name suggests, the PT45 offers 45 unique trim lengths to deliver the level of precision needed to get the ol’ chin strap looking as fresh and well-groomed as possible. Just decide how much of the chin you want covered with the strap and how long you want it to be, adjust the blades on the trimmer, and go to work. The trimmer will finely deliver the edges of the intended beard with ease, leaving no stray hairs to spoil that clean line. Before long the job will be done, leaving you with a killer look for any occasion. A tiny spritz of our Sandalwood Oil will make it smell fresh and feel soft too, giving you the ultimate chin wherever you go.

Circle Beard

Man with circle beard

The Circle Beard is one of the most common beard styles out there, one that often gets called “goatee” by the less experienced beard nuts among us. So if that’s the look you’re going for, you’ll need yours to stand out from the masses. Preparation will be paramount in setting your chin above the rest. With a straight razor, you'll need to clean the face and shape the lines to begin the process. Once that’s done and you have the general shape, you want to leave the heavy lifting to our pal the PT45. Its blades will create clean even edges along the mouth and chin and get you the level of beard beauty you desire. Don’t run around in circles trying different ways to get your circle beard, leave it to your PT45.

Mutton Chops

Man with mutton chop for a beard

The classic mutton chop look is a match made in heaven for the PT45, as no matter what length or size you’re looking for, this trimmer will make it happen. Mutton Chops, in particular, are ripe for customization, as they can cover as much of the face with as much hair as you want. Big thick chops are as much about shaping as trimming is, and the PT45 can help keep those edges tidy. Those looking for smaller, cleaner looking Mutton Chops, however, will need their trimmer to do a bit more work, trimming the patches of the look to keep things clean and well kept. The decision is entirely up to you. No matter which type you prefer the PT45 has your chops covered.

Horseshoe Mustache

Horseshoe mustache of a man

Who said a trimmer was exclusive to the beard? The hair above the lip needs TLC too especially for those longer mustaches that stretch out to other parts of the face. The Horseshoe here is a prime example, as this classic look will shine with the PT45. It can get in close both above and along the side of the mouth, adjusting the double blades along the contours of your face. It'll balance definition and depth while shaping that ‘shoe just the way you like it. Keep the rest of your face clean-shaven to bring all the attention to the groomed glory underneath your nose. A little bit of Beard Wax for styling and hydration, and no one will match your awesome mustache.

Unboxing the PT45

And that's just the start!

With our new PT45 Beard Trimmer there's no limit to the styles you can master. With eight different trimmer settings and five color-coded guides, you have 45 trim lengths at your fingertips whenever you need them. For additional grooming benefits, pick up the PT45 Beard Trimmer Club Kit for just $55 and get the Cedar Beard Oil, Cedar Balm, and Beard Shampoo for free ($44 value). For the best deal, there's the PT45 Beard Trimmer Deluxe Kit, which offers the same amazing trimmer plus beard oil, balm, shampoo, cream, and Riptide Beard Spray for only $75 (SRP $118).

Man brushing his full beard